Assign a Minecraft server to a website


Assign a Minecraft server to a website

To make it easier to your fellow players to access your server, you will have the choice to assign a website to the sport server. This manner, users won’t need to enter the cumbersome IP address within the Minecraft client but will remember an easy URL. If you happen to have already got your personal website anyway, you don’t even need a latest domain.

Requirements: A Minecraft server and your personal domain

If you happen to’re just starting out, you’ll first must create a Minecraft server. To do that, install the free server software on a server you will have rented. If you will have rented a Windows server, you should make sure that that Java can be installed on it. Finally, after you will have released the corresponding port and entered the IP address in the sport client, you and other players can enjoy Minecraft in multiplayer mode together.


In our detailed tutorial on Minecraft server setup you’ll discover detailed step-by-step instructions in addition to all system requirements. These include a robust server. For smooth enjoyment of Minecraft even with many players, we recommend, for instance, a Cloud Server from IONOS.

You continue to need your personal domain. At IONOS you possibly can register an acceptable domain name with just a number of clicks. Especially for servers within the gaming sector one in all the brand new domain extensions could be especially suitable. For instance, one in all these top-level domains:

  • .builders
  • .club
  • .fans
  • .games
  • .gg
  • .io
  • .world

But there are a lot of more latest top level domains and exclusive domain extensions that may go well along with your Minecraft server. For instance, when creating your domain, also take into consideration puns or highlight the local character of your game world.


You’ll be able to check directly if your required address remains to be available. If you happen to buy a website at IONOS, you’re going to get an SSL certificate and an email inbox on top of it.

Connect Minecraft server with domain – step-by-step

Now that you will have a website name and a Minecraft server, you possibly can connect the 2. Even when you will have previously run an internet server for your personal website, you need to use the identical domain name for the Minecraft server.


We’ll show you the method using an IONOS account. If you will have the server and domain with a special provider, you will want to adapt the steps accordingly to the interface of your user account.

Determine data of the Minecraft server

The very first thing that you must do is locate out the knowledge of your Minecraft server. You will want the IP address and the shared port. If you happen to host your Minecraft server via IONOS, you will discover the corresponding data in the shopper account under “Server & Cloud”. There you choose your server contract after which get a listing with all servers which were set under this instance. Here you may as well see the IP address of the Minecraft server. In turn, you will discover the shared port by going to “Network” > “Firewall Policies” within the navigation list. Make an observation of each pieces of data.

Access domain options

Now, in your customer account, access the menu for domains. At IONOS you will notice a listing of all of your domains. Select the domain you will have designated to your Minecraft server and access the DNS options. You could find these from the context menu by clicking the gear. Each domain has different DNS records. These are – roughly speaking – answerable for clarifying the affiliation of the domain to 1 or more servers. For instance, in the event you are already using the domain for a web site, you have already got an A record.

Create latest domain records

You now must create two latest records. First, you wish an A record. This links the domain name to the IP address of the Minecraft server. In IONOS, click on the “Add Record” button. Then from the list of various options, select “A”. You now have three fields to customize:

  • Hostname: By assigning a hostname, you create a particular subdomain meant for the Minecraft server. For instance, you possibly can enter “minecraft” to then create If you happen to are using the domain exclusively for Minecraft, you may as well use a wildcard (@). This manner, the Minecraft server can be reached at “”.
  • Directs to: Now enter the IP address of the Minecraft server on this field.
  • TTL: The specification on this field determines how often the Domain Name System (DNS) checks the entry and applies changes. So, to make sure that your latest entry is applied as quickly as possible, you must enter the shortest period of time available here.

Next, create an SRV record. To do that, click the button to create a DNS record again after which select “SRV” from the list. You will want to fill in the next fields:

  • Service: It’s mandatory to call the service “minecraft”.
  • Protocol: Ensure that TCP is chosen here.
  • Hostname: Enter the name here that you furthermore mght assigned within the A record (e.g., “minecraft”).
  • Directs to: On this field, enter the domain that the A record also links to, for instance,
  • Priority: If you happen to create multiple SRV records for a website, you need to use this value to specify which record is queried first. If you happen to are using the domain just for Minecraft, you do not want to alter the default value.
  • Weighting: If multiple SRV entries have the identical value, the weighting decides which entry is checked out first. Often, you possibly can keep the default value here as well.
  • Port: Here you now enter the port that you will have enabled for Minecraft in your server. Normally, this ought to be 25565.
  • TTL: On this field, select the smallest value again.

Now you will have your domain name related to the Minecraft server. Give the Domain Name System some more time to tackle the brand new information. Even when you will have entered a small value within the TTL field of the 2 DNS records, the conversion could also be delayed a bit.

Connect client to server

Now you and your fellow players can log in to the Minecraft server via the domain. To do that, select multiplayer mode in the sport’s start menu after which add a latest server. Under “Server address” you now specify the domain. You’ll be able to freely select the name of the server. By clicking on “Done” the software adds the server. Now you simply must log in.


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