How Can Employers Change into Champions for Women in STEM? 


Stockholm, Wednesday March eighth, 2023, in honor of International Women’s Day, Today Universum released the findings of the third publication of its Women in STEM research. This latest edition of the Women in STEM eBook examines the views, profession objectives, and aspirations of faculty women who intend to work in STEM professions and provides employers with key takeaways to extend the variety of competent women hire and help be certain that they’re more more likely to remain of their jobs, and work towards gender parity. 

Women in STEM – Why is it more essential than ever? 

Despite all the eye paid to (and investments made in) promoting more women to work in STEM fields, inequality persists. There have been quite a few recent studies which have attempted to pinpoint the foundation causes of the issue, including the dearth of pipelines for ladies in elementary and better education, biases within the workplace and within the classroom that end in higher attrition rates, and even the several profession selections that men and girls make within the STEM fields that contribute to inequalities. 

It could be easy to assume that the fight for gender equality in STEM jobs has been won when analysts state that ladies and men now have equal employment opportunities within the US. But a more in-depth evaluation reveals that there are still significant disparities outside of the fields of drugs and the life sciences. Furthermore, these disparities result in unequal opportunities and pay. 

Women are underrepresented fields of experience which might be expected to grow more quickly, pay more, and provides more opportunities. Attributable to all these aspects, businesses should be deliberate of their talent attraction and management strategies for ladies in STEM. Otherwise, they risk having a male dominance of their ranks of engineers, analysts, and AI developers, which in turn makes it even harder to recruit women. 

Averages conceal essential gender-related information when hiring STEM talent. 

HR professionals can anticipate changes in what talent is searching for of their jobs by gathering and analyzing talent data. They can even improve worker experience and employer branding. Nevertheless, it’s crucial that talent leaders query the information, considering seriously what lurks behind trend data. 

In line with Universum’s study, most students, no matter gender, need to work for firms that provide high future earnings and robust skilled training and development possibilities; nonetheless, after that, their priorities by way of their careers diverge. 

“If students globally are still aiming for a return on investment, also they are claiming flexibility, says Universum Analytics Project Manager, Charlotte Jacquier. While they’ve been prioritizing money for the past few years, we witness flexible working conditions and work-life balance scoring higher than previously. They will not be yet listed within the 2022 Global Top 5 Profession Preferences, but let’s see what the longer term brings”. 

In comparison to innovation and a high base salary for men, women’s secure employment and excellent references for a future occupation got here in third and fourth, respectively, in 2022. Moreover, when comparing the profession priorities of men and girls, there are some notable differences. For example, ethical standards are rated #11 for ladies and #29 for men within the rankings, respectively.  

2022 Global Top 5 Profession Preferences Rankings, by Gender 

Skilled training and development 
High future earnings 
Secure employment 
Good reference for future profession 
A friendly work environment 
High future earnings 
Skilled training and development 
Competitive base salary 
Good reference for future profession

Women’s Skilled Priorities: Recognizing regional narratives. 

“Women must have the ability to picture themselves working for an employer and even planning to advance their careers there”, in accordance with Tina Smetana, Managing Director, EMEA, of Universum. “It’s crucial to share experiences from women working at your small business. For instance, describe a typical day. What mentorship options can be found to women? Are there any schools for ladies in leadership? All of those represent the sort of all-encompassing support that girls in STEM areas seek.” 

The research from Universum provides unmistakable cues in regards to the profession preferences that mean most to women, right all the way down to the national level. For example, when considering a possible employer, American women in STEM areas rate #3-ranked inspiring purpose. Inspiring purpose is ranked #8 for ladies within the UK, #29 in China, and #35 in Mexico. Comparable to other countries, Germany (#4), Canada (#5), and France (#18) place a high value on flexible work arrangements. 

Employers with a world presence must adopt a precision-focused strategy, choosing a world EVP that adopts a broader perspective after which localizing employer branding to suit local-level points of view. 

About Universum 

Universum is a data-driven, insight-led employer branding agency. Founded in Stockholm, we at the moment are lively in over 60 countries, with key hubs in Paris, Berlin, London, Recent York, Zurich, Singapore and Shanghai. We offer our clients with the research, strategy, and artistic solutions they should compete more effectively for talent. 


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