How Do I Profit From Domain Names I’m Not Using?


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Fabio asks:

I even have to administer an enormous portfolio of real good dotcom domains. In keeping with you, that are the most effective ways to monetize the domains without selling them? I do know domain parking, but I feel shouldn’t be really profitable.

The perfect technique to monetize a site name is to develop an authority website on it. Obviously this takes lots of time and labor, nevertheless it doesn’t have to be your time or work. In other words, if you’ve got an enormous budget and imagine that the domains have potential, you would hire an internet designer, a tech guy, and a team of content producers and marketers to develop an internet site on each of the domains.

That is the strategy utilized by many online networks and web publishing corporations, and it may well be profitable if done accurately.

In the event you are a one man show and don’t wish to hire people, you will have to develop simpler web sites on each of the domains, separately. You can create mini web sites, for instance. These are web sites with 10 to twenty pages of unique content that focus on a really narrow area of interest. One example can be an internet site about “the way to clean mold.” It will be good to have keyword wealthy domains for this strategy though, and I’m undecided if that’s the case together with your domains.

In the event you don’t have time even to create mini web sites on the domains, well, then they’ll hardly be profitable. You can add a page of unique content to every of them and put some AdSense units or affiliate links there, but you will likely earn barely enough to cover their annual cost (i.e. $10).

There may be yet one more strategy that you would try, but this may only work in case your domains are really good. In the event that they are, you would lease them. So principally you’ll let an organization use your domains for a set variety of years, often starting from 3 to 10, and in exchange for that they might pay you a monthly or annual fee. If you’ve got the domain, for instance, you would approach monitor manufacturers to see in the event that they are serious about leasing it.

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