Is Nursing the Right Profession for Me?


Selecting the suitable profession for you possibly can seem difficult, especially in case you’re just starting college and have your entire life ahead of you. Like with any essential decision, you wish your alternative to be the suitable one, allowing you to feel confident as you select your field of study and start your profession after graduation. When you spend 4 or more years at school studying one thing only to search out that you just don’t enjoy it once you get into the job market, you might feel like your options are limited, which is why it’s so essential to spend time eager about your options and goals in life. Nursing will be a terrific profession alternative in case you enjoy helping others and need to check medicine.

Unfortunately, there’s no strategy to truly know if nursing is true for you until you begin your profession. Nevertheless, there are questions you possibly can ask yourself to aid you determine if it’s something you’ll enjoy in the long run. To aid you determine whether nursing is the suitable profession for you, we’ve put together inquiries to ask yourself before you make any major decisions.

Do you enjoy helping others?

Nursing is a profession that’s all about caring for and helping others. When you’re the kind of individual that enjoys helping others, nursing is likely to be the suitable profession for you. Many individuals know from a young age that they need jobs where they may also help others feel higher by helping them.

After all, there are other ways to enhance others’ lives. For instance, individuals who enjoy working with children can even develop into teachers. That being said, these are two very different careers, so that you’ll need to be someone who may also help patients trust them and function someone they’ll refer to after they’re not feeling well.

Are you able to handle stress?

Nurses need to take care of quite a lot of stress, each physically and emotionally. Not only does nursing require you to remain in your feet and alert for a lot of hours, but it will probably even be stressful due to work schedule. Depending on the kind of nurse you develop into, you may have nursing shifts all night long. Then, you may nap at work simply to get up within the morning for one more shift. After all, lack of sleep can add more stress to an already stressful job. This is very true once you’re answerable for the health and wellness of other human beings.

Nurses are all the time moving, so that you’ll be in your feet and moving around a lot of the day. When you’re not ready for a physically demanding profession that will require you to lose sleep some nights, becoming a nurse may not be for you. That being said, some nurses have more stressful jobs than others. For instance, an ER nurse likely works multiple shifts on the identical day coping with life-threatening illnesses and accidents, while a dental nurse could have a daily nine-to-five job cleansing teeth and processing x-rays.

Do you wish a daily schedule?

Many nurses don’t have regular work schedules because they’re scheduled to work in shifts. This shift in lifestyle could also be difficult for some individuals who prefer to plan their lives around work. You possibly can get called into work at any point or asked to work for longer hours when a hospital is short-staffed. Adjusting to a changing work schedule is difficult. So if you wish to be a nurse, you’ll have to decide on a specialization wherein you possibly can decide to work a daily nine-to-five job without having to fret a few change in your sleeping schedule.

After all, there are some advantages to irregular shifts at work. For instance, in case you’re a parent and your spouse works through the day and you’re employed nights, you won’t ever need to pay for child care. Nevertheless, it will probably make it difficult to have a social life. This is very true in case you work long hours and need to sleep through the day if you wish to be alert in your next shift.

Do you handle stressful situations well?

We’ve already asked in case you can handle stress, but how you handle those situations can also be essential. Stress is part of each job, but nurses will be more stressed because they’re directly answerable for patients, including medications and providing potentially life-saving care. Nurses must have the opportunity to handle these kinds of stressful situations. You’ll see people at their worst and need to take care of frustrated and indignant patients every so often. Consider the way you handle stress in your personal and skilled background first to see if that is the suitable role for you.

Moreover, you’ll need to worry about other sorts of stress like cleansing up vomit or bathing patients who can’t deal with themselves. After all, there are a lot of rewards to being a nurse. This includes the flexibility to get to know patients on a more personal level. But that also means spending time with people going through things that may cause you stress.

Will it allow me to achieve my life goals?

You’re employed because you might have life goals that require money. In spite of everything, everyone has to eat. Nevertheless, while nursing will be rewarding, it must offer you the opportunities you could reach life. Since nurses are needed in every single place around the globe, yow will discover a job in virtually any city. Nevertheless, it is best to also discover a profession that’s capable of support you financially.

After all, some nurses receives a commission greater than others. The more education you might have, the more you possibly can make, especially in case you specialise in something. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that each nurse is paid well. You’ll must weigh the professionals and cons to find out if long hours with a scarcity of sleep are value your nurse’s salary.

Must you develop into a nurse?

Only you possibly can tell yourself whether or not you wish to develop into a nurse. Even the tutorial process will be taxing. But in case you’re committed to helping others and finding a rewarding profession, yow will discover ways to get through school and difficult work schedules. When you’re unsure whether nursing is true for you, refer to real nurses next time you’re on the doctor’s office. Ask them questions on their job to assist determine if it’s the suitable profession for you.


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