Branding Your Company – Logos and Tag Lines Aren’t Enough


Rebranding will be the most complex and most risk-prone challenges of a business owner. You are taking an organization or a product that folks have come to know, trust and love….and you alter it. Risk? Yeah. You screw this up and every little thing you have built disappears and you will have to start out from scratch.

Just ask Wendy Piersall.

Wendy launched eMoms at Home as a hobby. Now, just just a few years later, the location is a seven-channel blog network and a legend in blogging and home-business circles.

The corporate recently pulled off some of the difficult tricks in business: rebranding. The eMoms blog network is now often known as Sparkplugging, so named since the bloggers and readers of the location are “Spark Plugs” – individuals who make things occur.

Branding is about greater than logos and taglines. It is a technique of definition. It’s about finding your essence. It’s about creating your identity.

Consider the next:

  • Logos
  • Taglines
  • Color schemes
  • Fonts
  • Company name
  • Brand promise
  • Verbal descriptors of your organization
  • Packaging
  • Buildings/interiors

Each of those is a very important a part of your brand. But before you start on logos and taglines, take a have a look at things like brand promise. Words and pictures are symbols – how will you select the symbols that represent what you stand for if you happen to do not know what you stand for?

Listed below are just a few questions you possibly can ask yourself to start:

  • What’s the emotional need I satisfy for my clients? (Don’t confuse this along with your services or products)
  • Do the solutions I provide (services and products) measure as much as the expressed and implied guarantees I make to my clients?
  • If my company were an individual, how would I describe its character?
  • How should I position my company to best appeal to the clients who’re probably to take a position in my services or products?
  • Are “How I need my company to be perceived” and “How I portray my company” consistent?
  • Could my business be more profitable if I re-evaluate my assumptions about what my clients are on the lookout for?

Once you have begun to reply these questions, your copywriters, graphic designers and other marketing team members can be higher equipped to create or re-define your brand.


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