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Think up a reputation and check if yourname.com is obtainable. Personally, I prefer to use http://www.whois.com to envision if a website name is obtainable. You might also check the registrant contact information using “whois” service if you wish to negotiate about purchasing the domain you want from individuals who registered it first.

To register domain name for our customers we use:


We are usually not affiliates with Godaddy in any way, but I feel that is the very best online company which provides this service. Their rates are low and you’ll have 24 hours access to your control panel to alter the domain name information in case your office moves or phone number changes. This may be very convenient.

In case you cannot get that exact name as a dot-com, select one other name. Your site title MUST be similar to your domain name. People won’t remember your domain name, but they’ll remember your site title in the event that they select so as to add your website to their favorites. It can also help to offer higher place in Google listings. There are several rules to follow once you select the domain name:

1. It have to be as short as possible but don’t make it something like abc.com only because this domain is obtainable. Be reasonable.

2. Make it memorable. It must represent your organization and it is just not a nasty idea to make your organization name as a website name.

3. Make it include your keywords, something like allwebdesign.com in case your website is about website design. This recommendation is expounded to SEO issue. Most of serps prefer to get “foremost” keywords within the domain name, title and website description.

4. The domain name have to be first level domain, not the sub domain of a much bigger website. For instance, it is just not a great idea to make use of [http://mydomain.somebigsite.com] as your website name. The primary level domain costs about $ 9 dollars and it not an excuse to have business website on a free sub domain. Serps also don’t like such domains and also you robotically might be placed lower then your competitors within the search engine listings.

5. It is healthier to purchase a website name individually from the hosting plan. A site name is far more necessary then a hosting provider. As I noticed, the common duration of a website hosting company life is one or two years. In case your hosting provider disappears from the online, it could be an issue to get your domain name transferred to your recent hosting provider.

It is just not difficult to purchase and register a website name in any respect. You might be given plenty of questions related to your location, position and make contact with information. All this information might be used through the domain name registration and any one who uses “whois” service can have access to that information, so it’ll be sensible to enter only what you are promoting information and never to make use of personal data. If you buy a hosting plan, your hosting provider will send you the letter with the name server ips. You have to to send those numbers to your domain name registrant.

Now you might be ready to pick out a website hosting provider and buy a hosting plan.

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Thanks for reading.

Article source: [http://www.metamorphozis.com/tutorials/choose_domain.shtml]


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