“Collaborate with innovators to advance sustainable development using Industry 4.0 concepts”, says Tijani Bounahmidi, Fez Smart Factory Project Coordinator


The Fez Smart Factory Competitions, launched as a part of the FSF Ecosystem and led by EuroMed University of Fes (UEMF), Morocco, is a contest for corporations to grow to be a part of an all-in-one support zone for progressive activities, aimed toward developing a competitive industry by improving its productivity and other KPIs or developing recent factories for progressive products, through the implementation of the principles and methods of industry 4.0.

Fez Smart Factories Competitions is open to the next 4 categories of corporations using or developing progressive Industry 4.0 solutions and technologies:

  • Startups
  • Engineering Corporations
  • Research & Development Entities
  • Industrial Units or Corporations (SMEs & Large)

Personal Invitation to Apply from Tijani Bounahmidi, Coordinator of the Fez Smart Factory Ecosystem

Are you able to provide the broader context for launching the Fez Smart Factory Competitions?

The Fez Smart Factory Competitions is a component of the activities of the Fez Smart Factory, which was chosen to profit from the support of the Sustainable Industrial Zones Fund (FONZID), following a competitive call for projects launched jointly by the Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency (MCA-Morocco) and the Moroccan Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC).

FONZID is a component of the “Industrial Land” activity under the “Compact II” cooperation program, financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and whose implementation has been entrusted to the MCA-Morocco Agency.

The FONZID, arrange jointly with the MIC and endowed with an envelope of 30 million dollars, goals to strengthen the model of sustainable industrial zones and to contribute to improving the productivity and environmental and social performance of corporations in industrial areas.

FONZID will expand the availability of business land that meets the needs of investors when it comes to location, quality of infrastructure, support services, and competitive prices. It would thus contribute to increased private investment and job creation.

The Fez Smart Factory project is the results of a partnership between the EuroMed University of Fes, as leader, the Council of the Fez-Meknes region, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Fez-Meknes Branch of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), the corporate Alten Delivery Center-Morocco, in addition to the ADD ( Digital Development Agency).

For interested applicants, are you able to elaborate on the evaluation and selection process?

We now have a limited variety of places for every of the 4 categories of beneficiaries: startups, engineering corporations, R&D entities, and industrialists. These places might be allocated to the very best candidates on this competition who’re working either on the event of latest smart factories (startups and industrialists) or on supporting this development (engineering corporations and R&D entities). To do that, the choice committee relies on an administrative file and a technical file which depend upon each category of candidates and whose contents are described within the Terms and Conditions of every category.

The evaluation of candidates is finished in two stages: pre-selection and selection. The pre-selection relies on the satisfaction of the legal conditions and people related to the character of the proposed activities, and the choice is made on the premise of a scoring grid of the standard of the technical file. Candidates who’ve obtained greater than 70 out of 100 might be ranked in response to their rating and might be admitted for domiciliation within the FSF Ecosystem in response to the variety of places available. A waiting list might be established to exchange withdrawals.

What can corporations expect after they get chosen to affix the FSF Ecosystem?

The chosen corporations might be domiciled within the FSF ecosystem benefiting from the benefits laid out in the corresponding Terms and Conditions (check the faq section for T&C documents).

Overall, startups might be supported to develop and implement their smart factory on an indication scale; the industrialists of the Business Center might be helped to establish their investment project for the creation of smart factories in Morocco; engineering corporations and R&D entities will profit from the proximity of potential customers searching for progressive smart solutions.

All corporations will profit from a working environment offering innovation management and industrial development services, in addition to quality workspaces and diversified social services.

Are you able to provide a private message for all corporations trying to apply?

For progressive corporations captivated with the seek for a major economic, social, and environmental impact, the Fez Smart Factory Ecosystem is the best innovation ecosystem designed to fulfill the objectives of sustainable development by implementing industry 4.0 technologies.

We encourage corporations to use for this international competition which can help create a world pool of innovation, working to realize this common objective of sustainable development for the nice of humanity and planet earth.

Why apply for Fez Smart Factory Competitions?

Morocco is quickly becoming a top hub for Industry 4.0 corporations and solutions. Pro-business policies, a dynamic and competitive business environment, and a robust concentrate on sustainability establish the region as a novel, integrated ecosystem for industrial innovation at scale. Successful applications will receive the next advantages:

Advantages for All Corporations and Startups

  • Access to a 20m2 office equipped with office furniture, conference rooms, and an exhibition hall that may host as much as 300 people
  • One-stop-shop services
  • Social services: catering and cafeteria; medical, health and safety services, and crèche services
  • Support services for industrial property, business planning, and industrial development
  • Gain access to experts, donors, investors, manufacturers, etc. based in Morocco
  • Services of the rapid prototyping center shared with the UEMF

Special Advantages for R&D Entities, Engineering & Industrial Corporations

  • Services of the Pilot Model Factory 4.0
  • Facilitation of access to other technological or other services which may be provided by the varied components of the UEMF

Additional Special Advantages for R&D Entities

  • Support services for the management of services provided as a part of the transformation of existing industrial units, or for the advantage of Business Center corporations, startups, and project leaders domiciled at FSF
  • Help discover the transformation needs of existing industries with support from the CGEM (General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises)

Rapid Prototyping Platform at UEMF

Smart Manufacturing Platform at UEMF

Digital & AI Platform at UEMF

Biotechnology platform at UEMF

Is Your Company Eligible to Apply?

The eligibility of the candidate’s applications might be assessed by the evaluation committee based on the next, which have to be met concurrently:

  • For Startups: The commercial sector targeted by the project, have to be among the many sectors covered by the FSF ecosystem. Project activities to happen in the course of the acceleration phase will need to have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL)-3 or higher.
  • For R&D Entities: The R&D service subject of the submission must relate to certainly one of the economic sectors covered by the FSF Ecosystem.
  • For Engineering Corporations: The engineering service subject of the tender have to be a part of the engineering services covered by the FSF Ecosystem. Engineering service activities must also goal Industry 4.0 use cases related to the economic sectors covered by the FSF Ecosystem.
  • For Industrial Units or Corporations (SMEs & Large): The project of the economic company must relate to certainly one of the economic sectors covered by the FSF Ecosystem.

Check the web site to search out information in regards to the goal industrial sectors and technologies in addition to the relevant terms and conditions documents.

Able to take step one? Click here to use for the Fez Smart Factory Competitions! Hurry, applications close on sixteenth April 2023!




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