Domain mapping: What’s it and the way does it work?


Domain mapping: What’s it and the way does it work?

Domain mapping makes it possible to make use of multiple domains for a single website. This turns out to be useful when using content management systems like WordPress: You possibly can structure multiple domains and subpages and connect them with one another. This makes it easier for users to navigate your web presence, while also allowing you to maintain a neat overview of your content. Keep reading to search out out methods to use domain mapping.

What’s domain mapping?

Domain mapping makes it possible to attach several domains along with your important domain or content management system (CMS). You should use domain name mapping to, for instance, register individual domains for various departments, product categories, or services and still manage them in the identical WordPress installation. In brief, domain mapping makes it possible to have several independent, distinctive domains and manage them centrally. This makes it easier for users to navigate your web content without having to click through subpages.


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How does domain mapping work?

Mapping a site is sort of easy and really convenient: One web server is related to several domains. That way, users have alternative ways to get to your content. That is relevant for multi-site structures, by which different subpages and landing pages have their very own domains but all the things will be managed centrally in your CMS. As well as, you may easily add existing domains from other providers to your web presence.

For instance, WordPress makes this possible with its multi-site feature, which you should utilize to divide up a single WordPress installation into several connected domains. That way you may create separate subpages for customer support, your organization blog, a web-based shop or local franchise sites and unite all the things under the umbrella of your important domain.


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Why use domain mapping?

Domain mapping is particularly useful for firms and website operators that work with diverse sets of products, services, or topics. Mapping a site makes it possible to attach a network of distinctive domains and thus make it easier to say related domains for yourself. It also makes it easier for users to search out the a part of your site that they need. Since the entire separate domains link to your important domain, it makes updating and maintaining your subpages significantly easier.

The benefits and drawbacks of domain mapping


The benefits of domain name mapping are pretty clear. In the event you use a CMS, you may care for the upkeep and update of your domains multi functional place. You’ll save money and time, since all of your domains are a part of your “domain map”.

With domain mapping you may also secure several domains which can be relevant to your brand. The domains won’t just sit around “parked” but will be connected along with your important domain. That way you may optimize your reach, reach out to recent customers, and increase your traffic. And it’s also possible to make use of domain mapping to integrate existing domains into your system without spending so much on domain switching, WordPress migration or host changes.


Some disadvantages of domain mapping result from CMS structures just like the WordPress Multisite feature. In the event you don’t have sufficient knowledge of your CMS, mapping a site will be difficult to implement. So be prepared to study how multi-site networks and domain mapping work before diving in.

Domain mapping vs. domain transfer

The important difference between domain mapping and a whole domain transfer can also be one in all the important benefits of domain mapping: If you’ve a contract with a service provider on your WordPress site, you won’t find a way to transfer or change your WordPress domain without spending plenty of money doing it. It’s much easier to attach independent domains with already mapped domains without switching your provider or server. While a site transfer from one provider to a different entails transferring all content to a recent server including the AuthCode, with domain mapping you may simply link your various domains to your important domain.

Domain mapping vs. domain redirecting

If you ought to secure catchy domains for trademark reasons or increase your reach with similar domains, domain redirecting may be the thing for you. With domain redirecting, users will likely be redirected to your goal domain even in the event that they didn’t originally seek for it.

With domain mapping, then again, it’s not about being redirected. As a substitute, you’re coping with a separate domain with its own content, which is connected to a multi-site network and links to it. Users are on the secondary domain but are shown content from the important domain. The URL within the browser doesn’t change.


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