How Do I Get a Domain Indexed?


John asks:

I even have some unused domains that I added to Google Adsense for Domains for parking, but I’m wondering how one gets indexed when all you might have is a park page like that. For small sites is it higher to place a custom park page with some content to get indexed?

Initially ensuring that your unused domains get indexed by Google is an excellent idea indeed. Why? Because indexed domains are like wine, they get well as they become older. Mainly the longer your domain has been included in Google’s index (without getting penalized obviously), the upper the trust that Google could have on it.

Must you resolve to create an internet site on that domain in the long run, it’ll be easier to get good search rankings. Similarly, for those who resolve to sell the domain in the long run, you will likely give you the option to charge a bonus for the age of the domain.

Now back to the central query: how do I get a site indexed?

It is rather easy: you simply have to 1) put some content there, and 2) let Google learn about it.

You don’t need any special sort of content to get your domain indexed. Even an easy message stating that your domain is on the market can be enough.

The second part is about letting Google learn about your domain (which is now practically an internet site). How does Google discovers web sites? By crawling the links on the net. If you wish to get your site discovered and subsequently indexed, due to this fact, all you wish is a backlink from a site that’s routinely crawled by Google.

Listed here are some ideas to get that backlink:

  • link to it out of your established website
  • post a comment on a do-follow blog
  • use forum signatures
  • submit an article to a directory
  • get the domain listed on a marketplace

That’s it. Once you’re done, wait a few days and search in Google in your domain name with its extension (e.g., You must give you the option to search out it in the primary page of results.

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