Should I Put My Product Landing Page Inside My Blog Or On A Latest Domain?


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Vijay asks:

construct a product landing page to sell our own products through our blog? Should we develop a page on the identical domain, or should we put it on one other domain?

In point of fact there are two questions there: the primary one is about the best way to create landing pages, and the second is whether or not you must place that landing page inside your blog or create a dedicated domain only for it. I’ll answer the latter query today, and the opposite one will probably be covered next Friday.

As usual, the reply depends. If the product you’re talking about is connected or related together with your blog, for instance an ebook on the identical topic you blog about, then I might recommend creating the landing page inside your personal domain.

The advantage of this approach is that your regular visitors, who will definitely be interested by your product, will probably be more prone to make a purchase order in the event that they feel that your product is an extension of your blog. They’re already used to your brand and design, they trust it, so clicking on a “Buy now!” button inside your existing domain can be easier. If as an alternative you send them away to a latest domain, with a distinct brand and design, a few of these visitors might raise a barrier (because there is no such thing as a more trust there) and find yourself not purchasing the product.

The drawback of making a landing page inside your personal domain is that you simply’ll must work across the design elements already in place in your blog, and they won’t be optimal for a landing page that has the goal of selling something. For instance, you may must keep your navigation bar and sidebar links there. This shouldn’t be optimal because these links represent “exit points.” Ideally your landing page must have just one link, the “Buy now!” one. The more exit points you might have the smaller your conversion rate will probably be.

That’s the reason many bloggers and online marketers opt to create a latest domain and design for his or her products. If you happen to consider your product has potential to face by itself (i.e. generate enough revenues to justify the trouble of constructing a latest website for it), and if the product shouldn’t be completely connected together with your blog, then going with this approach could work higher. That is what I used for my Online Profits training program, for instance.

The downside here is that you simply’ll must develop a second brand, separate from the one among your blog. The advantage is which you could completely customize the design on the brand new domain, and develop a brand that’s more appropriate to sell the services or products in query.

Finally, you may as well try a hybrid approach. You possibly can create a landing page inside your personal blog just on your readers, after which a second landing page by itself domain where you’ll send other sources of traffic, including PPC and media buys. Time beyond regulation you’ll give you the option to find out the most effective performing page, and you possibly can abandon the opposite one.

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