Should I arrange a limited company?


The worldwide business ecosystem has been forced to alter dramatically over the past two years. Yet despite those challenges, 2022 is shaping as much as be a bumper 12 months for UK entrepreneurs.

In accordance with Barclays Eagle Labs, 58% of start-ups expect to see a hike in turnover this 12 months. Over half of companies expect to should hire latest staff to fulfill growing demand, and small business transactions have risen by almost 40%.

That’s incredibly promising news for aspiring business owners. But before you dive in head-first and begin trading, it’s price considering organising a limited company — and we’re going to clarify why.

On this blog, we’ll explore why it is best to arrange a limited company, the advantages of company formation, and the right way to arrange an organization online in a matter of minutes.

Why must you arrange an organization?

Before we walk you thru the corporate formation process, let’s take a step back and speak about what company formation actually is.

Company formation is the method during which you register a business as a limited company through Corporations House. Corporations Home is the UK Government’s official registrar of firms.

You may form plenty of different company types.

These include private firms limited by shares, private firms limited by guarantee, public limited firms, and more. But because private limited by shares firms are by far the most well-liked limited company type, let’s give attention to them for now.

If you incorporate (or form) a limited company, you’re turning your online business into its own legal entity. That is incredibly vital for business owners to do, because forming a limited company drives a legal wedge between you and your organization. It effectively separates your funds, liabilities, contracts, and ownership of property or assets from that of the corporate.

After this split happens, you as an organization owner are only accountable for company debts as much as the nominal value of the shares you own in the corporate.

Any amount of non-public money you own exceeding that share value is legally protected. This protection is known as ‘limited liability’ — and it protects your entire personal assets.

Company formation may boost your skilled image by demonstrating to potential clients and customers that you simply’re established and serious about doing business. People generally have more confidence in doing business with a limited company reasonably than a sole trader. So, company formation may ultimately provide help to to win trust and establish growth quicker.

Other advantages of a limited company over a sole trader setup include superior tax efficiency and ease of raising capital and attracting latest investors.

How do you arrange a limited company?

When you’d like to remodel your online business right into a limited company, you’ll be delighted to know the corporate formation process is comparatively straightforward. You may register an organization online directly through Corporations House, via post or through the use of an organization formation agent like 1st Formations.

The latter is certainly going to avoid wasting you a number of time and energy, and we’ll explain why in only a minute. First, let’s break down the corporate formation process more generally.

Provide you with an organization name

Step one you’ll must take is to provide you with a reputation in your company.

There are just a few rules you’ll want to observe when coming up with an organization name. However the golden rule is easy – you’ll be able to’t have the identical name as one other limited company currently trading within the UK.

To learn more about another essential name rules, take a look at this guide.

Select a registered office address

Your organization’s registered office address is its official location. It might be anywhere in your chosen jurisdiction (England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland).

There are just a few basic rules, but the most important is that it might’t be a PO Box. It’s also vital to notice your organization’s registered office address will appear on the official UK company register – which is why most business owners are inclined to avoid putting down their home address.

To maintain your house address private, 1st Formations offers a registered office address service that lets you use our London HQ as your registered office address.

Appoint an organization director

To form an organization, you should name at the least one company director. That is the person accountable for managing your organization on a day-to-day basis.

Appoint a shareholder

To establish a limited company within the UK, you should appoint at the least one shareholder.

Your shareholder and company director might be the identical person, and also you’re allowed to have as many shareholders as you would like.

Memorandum and articles of association

Your memorandum and articles of association are the founding documents of your organization.

There isn’t a must worry about creating these documents yourself as they’re provided for you by Corporations House and all formation agents throughout the company formation process.

It’s possible to put in writing your personal articles of association if your organization structure demands it. Nevertheless, most latest firms use what are often called Model articles that are suitable for the overwhelming majority of incorporations.

Issue share capital

To form an organization, you should issue at the least one share.

Generally speaking, we’d recommend you issue between 10 and 100 shares and keep their nominal value right down to £1 each.

Select a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code

A SIC code is a number the federal government uses to discover an industry a business operates in.

You’re allowed to decide on as much as 4 SIC codes, but you wish at the least one.

Using an organization formation agent

OK, so let’s be honest: that is a number of stuff to recollect, and it might be quite daunting for those who’re organising a business for the primary time.

That is where 1st Formations really involves the rescue.

If you arrange a limited company through 1st Formations, we strip all the process back right down to 4 easy steps:

  1. Select your organization name
  2. Select one in every of our five limited company formation packages
  3. Checkout
  4. Enter your organization details

With an organization formation agent, all the company formation process takes around five minutes to finish. After you’ve submitted your order, our experienced agents can look over your application before submitting it to Corporations House for you.

Depending on the workload over at Corporations House, your organization might be officially arrange in as little as three to 6 working hours. We’ll then send your documents to you, and you’ll be able to start trading that very same day. It’s that easy.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more concerning the company formation process, seek the advice of the first Blog.

Alternatively, for those who’re able to take the effort out of company formation and get right down to business, take a look at our range of company formation packages and begin trading today.


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