Why Creativity Is Essential In B2B Sales


Sales are each a science and an art, but for thus long, B2B salespeople have relied on tactics that don’t leave room for creativity. 

Leaving out the human element when creating B2B sales strategies which may end up in a slower sales journey, uninspired ideas, and fewer conversions.

That’s why I’m here to aid you shake things up!

With my expertise as each a marketer and sales coach, I’ll break down all of the ways creativity can play a task in transforming your B2B marketing campaigns – irrespective of where you’re in your journey.

So buckle up and prepare for an exploration of how creativity in your B2B strategy can take your success from good to great!

B2B Sales Creativity Explained With a Single Example

If you happen to want an example of how creativity in B2B sales might help your enterprise, look no further than Drift. 

Drift is a conversational marketing platform for B2B firms. Its product helps firms create more targeted and personalized messaging to attach with their audiences. 

So, it’s unsurprising that Drift took a page out of its own playbook to create a B2B marketing campaign that relied on creativity to bring out the human element behind its sales outreach and brand marketing efforts.

Drift runs an influence user highlight highlighting the workers working for his or her top portfolio firms, showing how they used their platform to affect real change inside the organization. 

You see where we’re going with this. 

Creativity is an important a part of B2B sales because despite the fact that firms are paying on your product, there are real people behind them who’ve the ultimate say on deal-making.

5 Reasons Why Your B2B Campaigns Need Creativity

Is creativity really that vital in B2B sales? Let’s have a look at the numbers. 

LinkedIn is the highest B2B social media platform for lead generation and skilled networking. 

About 33% of firms use LinkedIn for lead generation, translating into around 95% of the highest Fortune 500 B2B businesses. 

In accordance with LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, 75% of B2B marketing ads rating 1-star or less in marketing creativity, leading to a large reduction in profitable growth 12 months after 12 months.

We’d like to do higher. 

With that in mind, listed here are five the reason why creativity matters in B2B sales, together with successful examples and proven strategies for every.


Differentiation is the flexibility to face out out of your competitors and make an impression on potential customers.

Why It Matters: With so many businesses competing for the eye of potential customers, it’s crucial to face out from the gang. 

Creativity might help firms differentiate themselves by showcasing their unique value proposition memorably and engagingly.

Example in Motion: Develop creative campaigns that showcase the advantages of your services or products uniquely and memorably, equivalent to:

  • Create ads with revolutionary visuals or messages that capture your audience’s attention
  • Concentrate on developing targeted content that speaks on to the needs of your customer base
  • Connect with leads through personalized emails and direct messaging
  • Develop a novel “voice” on your brand, making it easier to acknowledge from competitors

For example, Blendtec’s “Will it Mix?” campaign demonstrated the facility of their blenders by mixing unusual items like iPhones and golf balls.

Tactics That Work: Utilize creative design and branding elements to make your enterprise stand out visually. 

This creativity can include anything from unique color schemes to custom illustrations to impactful animations.

Emotional Connection

Emotional connection means making a positive and lasting impression on potential customers so that they remember your brand positively.

Why It Matters: Constructing an emotional reference to customers results in stronger relationships and increased loyalty. 

Creativity might help businesses create this connection by: 

  • telling stories
  • showcasing their values
  • and demonstrating empathy for his or her customers’ needs.

Example in Motion: Develop creative campaigns that tell stories about your enterprise and its impact on customers. 

For instance, Hubspot’s “Culture Code” video showcased the corporate’s values and culture in a way that resonated with customers and employees alike.

Tactics That Work: Use email marketing and social media channels to personally connect with customers. 

Reply to inquiries and feedback empathetically, and share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your enterprise to create a way of familiarity and connection.



Personalization is the act of tailoring content and communications to individual customers, making an allowance for their preferences, interests, and wishes.

Why It Matters: Customers today expect a personalised sales experience that speaks on to their specific needs and pain points. 

Creativity might help businesses personalize their approach to every customer, making a more engaging and effective sales experience.

Example in Motion: Develop personalized campaigns that allow customers to customize their experience with your enterprise. 

For instance, Salesforce’s “Make Your Dreamforce” campaign allowed customers to decide on their adventure at the corporate’s flagship conference.

Tactics That Work: Utilize data and analytics to grasp your audience’s needs and pain points. 

Use this information to create personalized messaging and content that addresses their challenges and goals. Avoid groupthink and encourage innovation.

Brand Constructing

Brand Constructing is positioning your enterprise as an industry leader to draw more customers and increase brand loyalty.

Why It Matters: Creativity might help businesses construct their brand and establish themselves as thought leaders of their respective industries. 

By showcasing their unique perspectives, firms can set themselves apart and gain a repute as leaders of their field.

Example in Motion: Develop creative campaigns that showcase your unique perspective and expertise.

For instance, IBM’s “Watson” campaign demonstrated the facility of their AI technology in a way that positioned the corporate as a pacesetter in the sphere.

Tactics That Work: Take part in industry events and conferences. Develop loads of thought leadership content, equivalent to whitepapers and blog posts that showcase your expertise and unique perspective.

Return on Investment

Return on investment (ROI) measures an organization’s profitability in relation to its overall costs.

Why It Matters: Creative sales strategies can result in the next return on investment as they assist businesses stand out in a crowded market and create more engaging sales experiences. 

Investing in them can attract customers, increase sales, and gain a competitive advantage.

Example in Motion: Develop creative campaigns that showcase the worth of your services or products in a memorable and fascinating way. 

For instance, Dollar Shave Club’s viral marketing campaign demonstrated the worth of its subscription service in a way that resonated with customers and led to significant business growth.

Tactics That Work: Measure the effectiveness of creative strategies through metrics equivalent to engagement and conversion rates. Use this data to refine and improve your approach over time.

How Has Creativity Impacted Your B2B Sales Strategy?

Creativity is an important tool for B2B sales success, as it could possibly help businesses construct their brand, personalize their approach to customers, and maximize returns on investment. 

Creativity allows firms to face out in a crowded market and create memorable experiences that resonate with customers.

With the best creative strategies, businesses can gain an edge and achieve their sales goals. As such, businesses should put money into creative tactics to extend engagement and sales success.

Are you a business owner successfully implementing creativity into their B2B sales and marketing strategy? We wish to listen to from you!

Leave a comment below together with your inspiration, the tactics you’ve utilized, and the outcomes you’ve seen thus far!


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