Join Europe’s Exciting Startup Festival ViennaUP 2023 to Explore Tech, Innovation, Investment, & More


ViennaUP is a decentralized, community-driven festival in the center of Europe, shining a lightweight on what the longer term of technology holds. The festival is curated by the Vienna Business Agency and brings you a collection of essentially the most exciting events from the ViennaUP community. This 12 months, along with several contributing partners, ViennaUP 2023 offers a singular interconnected experience for startups, investors, tech enthusiasts, creatives, and visionaries.

Why Should Startup Founders be a A part of ViennaUP 2023?

  • You’ll find investors and make the proper contacts. Amongst other investor-oriented events, “Allow them to Pitch” will allow startups & SMEs to pitch in front of investors, who then ask questions, and if convinced, will invest directly!
  • Drink coffee with successful founders and investors — try the “Coffee House Sessions”. Furthermore, in “Founder & Investor Talk”, expert founders and investors share their careers, experiences, and lessons learned and supply their expert know-how on key topics.
  • You get to “Discover Latest Tech” and learn more to grow through “Skill up & Scale Up” events (explore the events intimately below).
  • A special attraction for female entrepreneurs — “Find Your Female Co-Founder” or learn “How Women Shape the Future (SHETech)”.
  • Unleash your creativity with “Creative Days Vienna 2023” — bringing together creative minds from around the globe. ViennaUP invites leading curators, researchers, artists, technologists, and cultural experts to explore how technology is shaping the longer term of cultural experiences, sparking recent opportunities in the method.
  • Get to know Vienna, the world’s most livable city — and an unexpectedly good spot to begin up. Check these out:

Creative Days Vienna 2022 (Volkskundemuseum Wien, 2.6.2022) Foto: – Lorenz Seidler

Explore the Exciting Themes of ViennaUP 2023

From Technology to Beyond

In a wide range of settings, the ViennaUP community tackles topics equivalent to smart cities, digital humanism, impact-driven entrepreneurship, creative industries, gender equality, and sustainability. Meet people from different backgrounds, learn from best practice examples across diverse industries, and seek advice from forward-thinkers about what is going to matter in the longer term.

From Now to Future

Across several formats, ViennaUP creates opportunities to attach with incredible speakers from the innovation space and facilitate intimate setups for exchange on relevant future topics. How do you imagine the world will look 50 years from now? Join the conversation at ViennaUP 2023!

From Vienna to Global

With a series of startup- and innovation-related events, ViennaUP bridges the gap between Vienna and the remainder of the world. Be ready for dozens of exciting opportunities and galvanizing talks, make authentic connections with participants from across the globe, and experience the charm of Vienna first-hand.

Customize Your ViennaUP Experience – Make Your Own Adventure!

ViennaUP is just not one event but many. The incredible program partners are hosting an unlimited array of events at snazzy locations around town, and there’s loads happening — so, what must you attend?

This can be a choose-your-own-adventure experience, and you’ll be able to attend anything you want. But to show you how to start, the various program of partner-hosted events and activities has been streamlined into curated experiences.

On the ViennaUP’23 program page, you’ll discover a drop-down filter that allows you to toggle between tracks. Let’s quickly explore the tags & see what they mean for you:

  • Invest Brilliantly — ViennaUP welcomes all angels, VCs, corporates, incubators, accelerators, banks, and personal magic-makers. Take heed to exciting pitches, exchange ideas, and network with peers from Austria and the world.
  • Find Investors — In the event you are a founder or startup representative, pitch your ideas, join networking events, join for one-to-one matchmaking sessions, and get to know Vienna higher in the method.
  • Skill Up & Scale Up — Are you on the lookout for skills training, job coaching, mentorship, or acceleration and incubation programs? Meet experts and listen to from super successful founders concerning the ups, downs, ins, and outs of growth.
  • Discover Latest Tech — ViennaUP is asking all nerds, geeks, and other tech freaks on the lookout for inspiring ideas, progressive concepts, useful software solutions, and even exciting jobs!
  • Impact the Future — In the event you are a startup, corporate, investor, policy maker, or non-profit within the business of creating the world higher, that is for you. That is the track for long-term, people-, planet-, profit-friendly solutions and game-changing ideas.
  • Experience Culture & Tech — That is the track for creative businesses and industries, makers, museums, and more. Follow the trail down the road where art, business, and technology meet.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of your ViennaUP and find the events that are the best fit for you! Click here to access all the program information & plan your visit to ViennaUP 2023 today!

Do you’ve an ideal idea and need to get more involved? Reach out to the ViennaUP team via





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