How much .com dominates the aftermarket


Data from Afternic & Sedo shows that .com dominates. But there are other opportunities, too.

GoDaddy’s Afternic has been sharing more data lately. Last week, Afternic shared a chart showing 2022 sales by top level domain.

While cool, it was kind of hard to read. At first glance, you see that .com dominates. But what about the rest of the TLDs?

Afternic followed up by listing the TLDs by rank. Here are the top 10:


OK, but other than seeing how much .com dominates, what are the percentages? To get a better idea, I downloaded the chart and measured the area of the top six domains. This wasn’t exact — my screenshotting software might be off by a pixel or two on each one — but here’s what I came up with:

.com – 85%
.org – 3%
.net and .co – 2.5% each
.xyz – 1%
.io – roughly 0.8%

Again, these are likely off by a bit. But it shows the relative scale of each TLD and how much .com dominates Afternic’s aftermarket.

Afternic isn’t the only aftermarket, however. Its competitor Sedo has a decidedly more international mix of buyers. In the Sedo/InterNetX Global Domain Report, it provided a similar chart with the actual numbers:

Sedo chart showing top TLD sales last year: #1 .com, #2 .de, #3 .net, #4 .org, #5 .co

.Com still dominates, but Germany’s .de comes in second place. (Sedo is based in Germany.) There are some similarities between the two: .net, .org, .co, .xyz and .io all rank in the top 10.

While most aftermarket sales are .com, many domain investors make a good living specializing in domains.


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