Domain Extensions For a Cheap Domain Name


If you find web domain names using extension too expensive, why not consider some of the newer domain extensions made available to website owners? With these extensions, you’re sure to enjoy better chances of obtaining a cheap domain name for your online business.


In truth, .tv is a country code for the tiny island of Tuvalu but its government has allowed use of its domain extension even for websites established outside its country in a business deal. Now, you, too, can use the .tv extension for your website.

If your online business has something to do with television shows, television channels and networks, cable providers and subscriptions, and satellite TV packages, .tv is the best domain extension you can use. Compared to available domain names using extension, .tv offers you more choices and the cheapest domain names.


When it comes to the Internet, many people will regularly or even at least sporadically search for ways to make money online. That’s why websites that have something to do with Internet or stay-at-home jobs are quite lucrative. If you’re thinking of joining the bandwagon, put your self ahead of the game with the right domain extension. Choose .jobs.

With a .jobs extension, you not only have the chance to make use of a low cost domain name but you can also enjoy instant brand awareness at the same time! They’ll take one look at your website address and they know immediately that you’re in the business of creating, offering, or talking about jobs.

.am and .fm

If you are operating a satellite radio channel or if you have a program on satellite radio and you want to promote it online, you can do so using a .am or .fm extension.

Think about it. Even if the rates for and extension are virtually the same, what can do for you that a .fm or .am can’t? With extension, people will have no immediate idea of what your business is all about. You’ll have to include words like “radio station” or “radio program” in your website name for people to know what you represent at a glance. But with extensions and .fm, you can afford to use the title of your radio program alone and still enjoy instant brand recognition.

Don’t give up on your favorite website names. If they’re not available with a .com extension, you now know there are other extensions to choose from.


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