6 Useful FeedBurner Features that are Normally Ignored


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FeedBurner is the primary choice of most bloggers to deliver feeds. It has many good features to track, promote and personalize feeds.

However, there are some FeedBurner features that most of us ignore. Some of these are pretty useful and can help you to personalize and promote your feeds. Here are 6 such features:

1. Personal Message for Browser Visitors: Showing a Thank You or “Why You Should Subscribe” message on your feeds is good option. To enable it, Go to Optimize tab of FeedBurner dashboard, click Browser Friendly under Services and enable Personal Message. Enter the message and it will be displayed on your feeds.

Take a look at the message in feed:

6 Useful FeedBurner Features that are Normally Ignored Photo

2. FeedFlare: This feature embeds links in your feeds for sharing and bookmarking. Apart from 16 default ones, 101 additional options are available that you can put on feeds(and blog) easily. Available under Optimize –> FeedFlare.

3. Link Splicer: This feature lets you share collected links from Delicious, Furl, Digg, Bloglines Clip Blog, My Web 2.0 and ma.gnolia with subscribers. You can access this feature from Optimize –> Link Splicer.

4. Headline Animator: Displays rotating headlines from your feeds. You can adjust the click through URL, colors, size and date formats. You can embed it on your blogs, social media profiles or e-mail signatures. Available Under Publicize –> Headline Animator

6 Useful FeedBurner Features that are Normally Ignored Photo

5. E-Mail Delivery Time: Last week, I read some comments about late E-Mail delivery on Google, Can You Fix FeedBurner by Daniel. I think this was just a problem with this setting. It can be accessed under Publicize –> E-Mail Subscriptions –> Delivery Options. Best option to set it is one or two hours after your regular publishing schedule. This will ensure that e-mails with new content are delivered on time.

6. MyBrand: MyBrand lets you use your own domain name to host your feed. To access it, go to My Account(in upper left corner) –>My Brand. You have to add CNAME records for domains and you will have a brand new address for feeds like feeds.your-domain.com/feed

These were 6 features and settings that you can tweak to promote feeds and personalize them. Have you found any other FeedBurner feature that is generally ignored? Do share them in comments.

Mr. I blogs about Blogging Tips and Resources on Blogging With Success. If you liked this post, check out 101.5 Free Tools and Services for Bloggers on his blog.

6 Useful FeedBurner Features that are Normally Ignored Photo


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