Dan.com transitions to GoDaddy’s CashParking


Effective 25 August, 2022, Dan.com will transition to GoDaddy for domain CashParking services. To limit potential service disruptions, please complete the following steps prior to that date. Rest assured, if this is not done, your pages will revert back to the standard Dan for sale pages.

Getting Started

In order to start, you will need both a Dan and GoDaddy.com account. If you do not already have a GoDaddy account, you can create one here.
When you have both accounts, you will need to submit your GoDaddy Shopper ID in your Dan settings. You can find your GoDaddy Shopper ID by logging into your account at GoDaddy.com, and navigating to your account profile settings in the top right corner.

Once you have your GoDaddy Shopper ID, go to the settings at Dan, and fill it in at the bottom of the page.

By filling in your GoDaddy Shopper ID and pressing the save button at the bottom of the page, your GoDaddy account will be linked to your Dan domains, enabling the PPC pages.

Note: We highly advise you to use this service while using our own nameservers (ns1.dan.com & ns2.dan.com)After connecting your GoDaddy account, you are now able to turn on the PPC feature for your domains.

1: Enable PPC parking pages for all your domains at once

2: Enable PPC parking pages only for domains that have a minimum amount of monthly traffic

3: Enable or disable the PPC for sale pages per domain

You can also enable or disable PPC parking pages per domain in your portfolio.

Clicking the pointer icon in the domain row will activate or deactivate the PPC for sale feature for the domain.

Once the steps are completed, your domain page should resolve similarly to the following example.


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