Parking For Profit – The Domain Name Game


For years now Domainers have been trying to make a living by purchasing massive numbers of domain names and parking them. In case you don’t know, domain name parking is the practice of publishing a ‘landing page’ filled with advertisements and no real useful content. The theory goes that people will visit these parked pages and generate enough advertising revenue to cover the domain name registration and hosting expenses plus a little profit. This rarely happens in actual practice.

Luckily it’s not really the theory that fails… but instead it’s the practice. You can’t simply register just any old domain name and expect people to visit it. You’re not going to advertise your parked page because you don’t really have any content and the cost would eat up all your profits. Webmasters aren’t going to link to your parked page for the same reason… you have no genuine content. Web surfers aren’t going to type your obscure domain name into the browser address bar… unless they’re really drunk. In fact, the only way somebody will ever know that your parked pages even exist is if they show up on a search engine results page. And there my friend lies the key to success in domain parking.

Most people who fail parking domains have portfolios filled with creative and cool domain names. would be a very cool name if you were willing to spend millions of dollars promoting it. may be creative… but it’s worth nothing as a parked domain because nobody will ever know it’s there. Stop trying to make up new words by combining two or more real words because internet users don’t search for them. Parking domain names leaves no room for ‘artistic’ interpretation and if you insist on using this philosophy you too will die like most artists… unknown and penniless.

Choose domain names that have exact meaning using real words. Ideally, one word domain names are the most valuable. Unfortunately 90% of all dictionary words have already been registered and 100% of frequently searched words have been registered. That’s OK because real people usually search using phrases anyway. Try to think about what people are looking for on the internet. Try to think about what words they would use to find it. The secret to domain parking success is to register domain names filled with search engine keywords.


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