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Following through on its commitment to combat climate change, renewable energy leader Iberdrola is back with its successful PERSEO Startup Challenges to drive the energy transition, in addition to the decarbonization and electrification of the economy. As well as, Iberdrola is committed to protecting and acting for nature and is strengthening its commitment with the launch of its Biodiversity Plan 2030. This plan sets out the mechanisms to attain the ambitious goal of getting a net positive impact on biodiversity by 2030. On this context, it launches the newest Iberdrola Startup Challenge: Oxygenation of Turbined Water Flows in hydroelectric power plants.

Background to the Iberdrola Oxygenation of Turbined Water Flows Startup Challenge

Iberdrola’s commitment to the environment and to the decarbonization of society entails maximizing the generation of renewable energy and thus a greater energetic use of water masses. Currently, Iberdrola has an installed hydraulic generation capability of greater than 10,000 MW and 4,500 MW of pumped-storage capability.

Its hydroelectric facilities are situated in river basins, the overwhelming majority of which have defined environmental requirements for every waterbody that should be complied with.

Certainly one of the necessities of the ecological flows is to take care of the extent of dissolved oxygen within the water at parameters that maintain the essential processes of healthy river ecosystems on which protected species and habitats depend and thus ensure good ecological conditions of water bodies.

Are you developing solutions to extend dissolved oxygen in hydroelectric water flows?

During certain periods of the yr, the waterbodies situated at the extent of the intake structure of some plants, don’t reach the required oxygenation values within the restitution. This will result in situations by which turbinating is prevented and the ensuing lack of renewable energy harnessing.

Iberdrola seeks solutions for the discharge of power plants, either to be adopted on the turbine discharge itself or already within the riverbed, that:

  • Adapt to as wide a spread of flow rates as possible from anoxic conditions.
  • Maximize the concentration of dissolved oxygen to the often required values in a watercourse.
  • Are robust to sudden variations in flow during dam overflows.
  • Enable harnessing renewable energy with continuous water flows.

What are the advantages of winning the Iberdrola Oxygenation of Turbined Water Flows Startup Challenge?

The prize will consist of signing a collaboration and proof of concept agreement with PERSEO and/or with some other relevant Iberdrola group company. Perseo and/or the relevant company will:

  • Assume the prices of the collaboration and the proof of concept.
  • Provide the winner with the vital technical support to check the answer proposed, giving access to equipment & appliances.
  • Gain access to infrastructure, high technology sites, and joint work areas.
  • Provide the winner with an actual environment and real data to check the answer.

If the assay or proof of concept is satisfactory, Perseo and/or the relevant company, directly or not directly through one other Iberdrola group company, may give you the chance to scale up your solution via industrial agreements.

What’s more, PERSEO will consider investing within the participating company and/or the winner of the challenge.

Able to Scale Your Solution with Iberdrola?

Iberdrola, through its PERSEO Startup Program, is on the lookout for revolutionary startups to develop systems to extend the concentration of dissolved oxygen within the discharge of water in hydroelectric power plants, especially in situations where the turbined water doesn’t reach the required values within the river.

The proposals will probably be classified into two categories, for which Iberdrola could define a base case to be able to standardize the evaluation of the proposals:

  • Category A: Actions on the hydraulic turbine circuit
  • Category B: Actions on the tailrace or downstream watercourse

A team of experts from Iberdrola’s Renewables area will probably be accountable for choosing the revolutionary solution or solutions that best solve the issue.

Key Dates for the Oxygenation of Turbined Water Flows Startup Challenge

The deadline to submit your application for the challenge is on 14th May 2023.

After that, Iberdrola will evaluate the received applications and announce the winner(s) of the challenge by the tip of July 2023. The evaluation criteria will probably be based on, amongst other aspects:

  • The maturity, reliability, and sturdiness of the answer
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Investment and operational costs
  • Scalability of the answer for hydroelectric power plants

Why Work with Iberdrola on Your Pilot Project?

Iberdrola isn’t any stranger to working with startups and emerging firms. Over the past two years, Iberdrola has launched over 20 Global Startup Challenges to handle pressing issues in today’s energy networks. Iberdrola has also successfully run greater than 80 pilots with startups since 2018.

The preservation of the planet and the well-being of individuals are priorities for Iberdrola. This principle also determines its entire business strategy and its business model. Due to this fact, in a scenario characterised by strong growth in global energy demand, Iberdrola is working to construct a latest energy model with nature and human beings at the middle of sustainable development.

Able to scale your revolutionary solution for increasing dissolved oxygen in hydroelectric water discharge with Iberdrola? Click here to apply!



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