Why Buy Cheap Domain Names – Profit Is The Name Of The Game


Many people are finding that they can buy cheap domain names that are just as good if not better than some of the pricey ones. The reason for this is because it is the keyword you use for the title and not what comes after the dot. The .info sites are usually among the cheapest out there and they can still be very good names if you use the right keyword for it. However I still recommend using the top 3 (.com, .net, & .org). They just seem to rank better.

Using keywords can make it a good investment to buy cheap domain names and then make good profits from it without spending a fortune to do so. Taking the time to find a good phrase can make all the difference. Using a phrase that has between 5000-10000 hits on the search engines is the right kind of keyword to use for the title. You can a couple words in front of or behind the phrase to create the domain name you want. If you use the same methods for all of your pages will make the domain friendlier to the search engines too. Engines like to see that all the pages relate back to the domain name, and even use some of the same wording. This type of thing will make your page rank higher within the engines and get more free traffic as well.

You can also buy cheap domain names and reword the page titles and content to make them more related to each other. By doing this you can make the site better without spending a bunch of money to get a different name. You can then take the time to backlink the site and such. After you do that and have the site up and running fairly well or at least with a better ranking, you can then either keep the site or sell it to someone else. You might consider selling it if it is something you do not have a lot experience in or cannot write about effectively.

Making a profit is one of the main reasons people would buy cheap domain names. You can do a lot with the right wording and content that makes the price of it virtually obsolete. There is nothing better than turning a good profit on a small investment. With better research tools and marketing techniques people are finding ways to make a profit no matter how small their budget is to start off with.


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