Generative AI Impact on Marketing Strategy


Marketing strategies are at all times evolving and searching for the subsequent advantage, and so they have taken an enormous step forward recently with the introduction of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

AI marketing experts Nova conducted interesting research to gauge the impact of generative AI, with the outcomes exhibited in a superb generative AI infographic created by design agency Nowsourcing. Here we summarize a few of Nova’s findings which show how big an impact generative AI is having on the marketing landscape.

Generative AI in Marketing

Nova discovered that the usage of AI has doubled over the past five years, with 77% of corporations now ‘using or exploring’ AI technology, including generative AI.

The recognition of generative AI for marketing purposes is based on its ability to boost business productivity by as much as 40%. It might be used for quite a lot of marketing tasks, with 83% of generative AI in marketing used for each customer support routing and marketing lead scoring. A big 64% is used for fraud detection, with the same amount used for cross-selling and up-selling.

Thus far, only 47% of generative AI in marketing is used for service chatbots, although an enormous 87% is used for email marketing.

AI Marketing Opportunities

AI tools are creating recent many opportunities in marketing, akin to ChatGPT and Bard enabling interactive dialogue and AI-generated conversations.

Make-a-Video is one other AI tool that permits users to create videos from text-based prompts, while DALL-E is a deep learning tool that generates stagnant AI images based on prompts.

Nova is one other generative AI tool that focuses on brand marketing with a lean on personalization, which has been shown to spice up marketing results by 60% to 170%.

The Way forward for Generative AI Marketing

Generative AI marketing has only really just began, and the longer term is exciting indeed. You’ll be able to expect to see a convergence of the Web of Things with generative AI, in addition to a greater and greater reliance on AI marketing automation. Nova also expects generative AI to turn into an increasing number of accessible to small businesses.

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