Able to Set Up a Company in Qatar? Here Are the Steps!


Organising a latest company in Qatar, the world’s most successful business arena is just not so simple as one might imagine. Company formation requires a listing of very necessary steps that can not be avoided. For one which is unfamiliar with the market there, it could be difficult to say the least.

Many decide to hire an organization consultant to assist with company formation on this desirable market. Regardless, below are the steps listed out. Have a look and consider how a consultant can assist.

Step One: Company Name

A very unique company name should be chosen as step one to company formation. If the name is already registered on the MBT or Ministry of Business and Trade it can’t be used. An in person visit to the Industrial Registration area of the MBT is required with a purpose to do a search after which register the name.

Step Two: Open a Temporary Bank Account

Once a letter is obtained from the MBT, one can take this letter that’s addressed to a bank in Qatar and open an account with the quantity of capital approved by the MBT. There are not any fees related to this step.

Step Three: Approval for Articles of Association

The business owner must obtain approval for the Articles of Association. This also comes from the Ministry of Business and Trade. These meet the standards set forth by MBT and include the name of the corporate, home address, and objectives.

Further they contain the fixed term of duration, capital amount, any restrictions upon transfer of shares, shareholder names, capital structure, profit and loss distribution plans, and names of management. Company formation in Qatar is determined by this step and the previous three, all of which take a minimum of a day each.

Step 4: Deposit Required Capital

The business skilled must then deposit the capital as set forth within the agreement on the bank they’ve opened the account with. The bank must give them a letter as proof that the deposit was made. The bank will need the letter from MBT listed within the second stop, and copies of the shareholders’ ID’s. This step can take as much as per week.

Step Five: Obtain Other Vital Documents

There could also be several other documents crucial for industrial business registration. Tourism and engineering sectors require extra documents, in addition to others. The Industrial Project Licence from the Ministry of Energy and Industry is crucial for all industrial businesses. These are only just a few examples.

Step Six: Approval for Incorporation

These documents are obtained from the Ministry and are easily obtained by a law office. The Articles of Association are an example,this step will be skipped by establishments because it is just not required.

The articles are then authenticated by the Ministry of Justice which should take not more than at some point.

Step Eight: Industrial Registration

• There are a selection of documents needed for this step on the Industrial Registry of the MBT. The step takes a minimum of a day. Owners will need:

• The appliance signed by the GM and owner for the corporate.

• ID card copies for the final manager, owners, shareholders and partners if any.

• The deposit bank letter from step 4

• Receipt for proof of payment for review of Articles of Association from the MBT

• A signed declaration form by Qatari shareholder (if crucial)

• Approval of the brand new company’s name

Company formation then is determined by registration with the Qatari Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The fee for that is 560 QR to 5510 QR in 2015, or dependent upon the quantity of capital and company objectives. The ultimate steps include the corporate seal, trade license and signage license. In order anyone can see, this process will take a minimum of two weeks. Obtaining a consultant in Qatar that’s expert in company formation can save anyone an enormous headache.


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