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Lead magnets are incentives offered to your website visitors in exchange for his or her names, email addresses and other contact information. Examples include eBooks, checklists, white papers, discount codes, quizzes and templates. Your visitors get something beneficial, and also you get their contact information so you may follow up via phone, email or snail mail.

Mostly, lead magnets are used to entice visitors to subscribe to email lists. They bring about prospects into your funnel so you may deploy lead nurturing campaigns that ultimately persuade them to make purchases. Here’s the right way to create high-converting lead magnets that skyrocket subscribers.

What does a superb lead magnet include?

The perfect lead magnet ideas have these items in common:

1. They provide value

Some lead magnets give advice or help people solve problems. Some offer quick discounts. Still others entertain. The common denominator, though, is that they provide value to your visitors.

Let’s say you sell suitcases. One lead magnet idea could be a family vacation checklist. You create a landing page or Pop Up to advertise your checklist and collect subscribers’ names in addition to email addresses, then robotically deliver the checklist as a PDF to subscribers’ inboxes. Subscribers can print your checklist and keep it handy while they plan and pack for vacation, which increases your brand visibility and makes it easy to follow up with email marketing that’s designed to sell suitcases.

2. They’re targeted

Lead magnets don’t should be long, comprehensive masterpieces. As an alternative, they should offer value to a particular target market. Which means they could be used to segment audiences into different lists, so you may personalize your email marketing and increase conversions. The more specific your lead magnet, the more targeted your marketing.

For instance, let’s say you use a pet store. Your lead magnet could possibly be a guide to finding the proper pet. Nevertheless, that’s not very specific and chances are high high that your customers already know which varieties of pets they like. A greater, more targeted approach can be to create a guide to caring for a recent puppy. Sure, it won’t interest cat owners or aquarium buffs (you may create different lead magnets for them), but individuals who just purchased or are considering a puppy are very more likely to download your guide.

3. They reveal your capabilities and advantages

Good lead magnets don’t just offer value for subscribers, they show the way you’re uniquely positioned to resolve their problems or help them achieve their goals.

Let’s say you sell outdoor grilling supplies. You would possibly create a guide to grilling steak. Your lead magnet will offer beneficial suggestions, but it’s also possible to pepper it with mentions of how your products may also help customers grill the proper steak.

4. They’re only the start

Do not forget that lead magnets are a method to an end. Though they’ll actually work to spice up sales, the first goal is to gather targeted subscribers’ email addresses. Which means you must develop an accompanying lead nurturing campaign that’s deployed via an autoresponder. One of these email marketing automation works to convert subscribers into customers.

For instance, let’s say you use a restaurant. Your lead magnet could be easy: a coupon good for 10% off the following meal. Getting that initial business is great, but the actual value might be realized through sending targeted emails that promote your weekly specials and motivate multiple visits to your eatery.

How you can generate content for a superb lead magnet?

Now the worth of lead magnets, but how are you going to generate content for a superb lead magnet? Listed here are 4 ideas.

1. Surveys

Create surveys and send them to your customers. Ask questions on their problems, lifestyles, hobbies and things they want they knew. You should utilize that information to craft lead magnets people will wish to download.

For instance, let’s say you use a B2B accounting service. Your survey might ask business owners about their biggest bookkeeping challenges. You would possibly discover they struggle to discover which expenses are tax deductible; this might encourage you to create a “tax-deductible checklist” lead magnet.

2. Blog content

In case your website has a blog, study your analytics to see which posts are the most well-liked. Then, create lead magnets based on that content.

You possibly can simply repackage your blog posts right into a lead magnet, but a greater idea is to take your top titles and expand on them so your lead magnets offer additional value. Then, visitors will share their email addresses to access it.

3. Customer support

Your existing customer base can inform lead magnet content. Study customer support emails to discover common problems, questions and themes. Read through related support forums and take note when customers ask questions on the phone and in your store.

They’re asking these questions because they need the answers. In the event you can package those answers right into a guide, eBook or other resource, you’ve a superb lead magnet concept that’s more likely to convert visitors to subscribers (and, ultimately help convert subscribers to customers).

4. Competitor web sites

Browse your competitors’ web sites to see which lead magnets they use. In the event you notice a given lead magnet or theme used again and again, it probably works. You possibly can model your lead magnet after that or, even higher, improve on their idea so your lead magnet is more attractive.

Examples of effective lead magnets

These are among the hottest and effective lead magnet examples you should use as inspiration for your individual marketing.

Guides, eBooks and checklists

Typically delivered as PDF downloads, the above are informative guides that help your audience solve problems or achieve goals. In this instance, Book Baby offers a free guide to self-publishing. The guide guarantees real value, it’s targeted to Book Baby’s audience, it can undoubtedly mention how Book Baby may also help and it’s only the start of what is going to likely be a powerful lead nurturing campaign.

Online and email courses

Courses could be excellent lead magnets. The primary lesson is often available straight away, so courses have immediate value, but additionally they keep subscribers engaged as a recent lesson is released daily or week.

In this instance found on How To Play Guitar, the creator offers 50 beginner guitar video lessons. Your course doesn’t have to have 50 lessons (you may do a four-part or six-part series), but this instance illustrates how a targeted online or email course generally is a powerful lead magnet.

Fast discounts

Fast coupon codes are excellent lead magnets. Even when coupons don’t persuade people to purchase today, you should use automated email marketing to achieve out to subscribers until they do. In this instance, 1800 Pet Supplies offers an quick, yet time-limited, coupon code and offers customers the chance to subscribe in the event that they wish to use the coupon code later.

Other lead magnet ideas

Those are only just a few lead magnet examples, but you’re not limited to those ideas. Listed here are just a few more:

  • Quizzes (give results after users submit their email addresses)
  • Downloadable templates
  • Calendars and planners
  • Cheat sheets
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Special reports
  • Sneak peek or sample chapters
  • Free trials
  • Free quotes, estimates and consultations
  • Recipes/cookbooks
  • Contests
  • Webinars
  • Waiting lists (perfect for validating ideas)
  • Audio books
  • Free samples
  • Demos
  • Free shipping
  • Online tools and resources
  • Videos and podcast episodes
  • Workbooks
  • Community membership
  • Swipe files
  • Resource lists
  • Print/snail mail catalogs

Lead magnets are powerful marketing tools employed by large and small businesses alike. Use the following pointers to find out what information your audience will share their email addresses for, then create a compelling lead magnet that converts visitors to subscribers and subscribers to customers.

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