4 Ways to Turn into a Listening Leader Through Authentic Customer Relationships


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There are a number of pieces that go into constructing a thriving company. But the truth is even probably the most well-meaning CEOs cannot guarantee success. Early in my profession with Truly Free, I believed the correct product and a solid social impact story would equate to revenue growth.

I quickly found that website traffic didn’t just appear. The truth was that a solid offering backed by purpose was only one thing to contemplate in my entrepreneurial journey. I needed to refocus on our ideal customers and what they really wanted. By reimagining our company with customers at its heart, Truly Free grew.

Research has shown the ability of placing priority on the shopper. McKinsey notes that 70% of the shopper journey is predicated on how the shopper feels they’re being treated. And Salesforce found that 80% of consumers say the experience an organization provides is just as crucial as its product.

Listed below are 4 tricks to put priority back on constructing authentic customer relationships.

1. Turn into energetic in the shopper service process

As a CEO, it’s essential to be an energetic participant in the shopper service process. Knowing each aspect of the user journey enables you, as a frontrunner, to know your organization best and listen to the voice of those you serve.

In reality, I often delegate other elements of my job to make sure I actually have the time and space to be fully a part of customer support touchpoints. This enables me to learn more about our customer and the way our company story and products are resonating.

As well as, ensure your sales and customer support teams are reporting on their every day customer interactions. These teams are your front line with regards to understanding what obstacles, priorities or questions clients have. The knowledge they hear may also help enhance the shopper journey, strengthen your brand and its products and construct a more loyal bond through consistent client touch-points.

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2. Prioritize being a listening CEO

At Truly Free, customers are family. With every decision we make, we return to this key point. Would we wish our family to make use of this product? Would we be comfortable sharing these ingredients? Would we wish them to have this experience on the web site?

To best get to know our customers, we listen. Not only can we coordinate regular focus groups, but I sit in them because the CEO. This permits them to know their voices are heard and matter throughout the corporate.

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3. Concentrate to feedback

Studies have shown that feeling unappreciated is the primary reason customers switch services or products. That is why it’s vital to concentrate to feedback from customers and resolve it quickly.

Make certain team members are actively monitoring customer reviews and social media comments. Arrange a process to cope with complaints, giving team members the authority to assist rectify situations as they arise. Finally, share complaints and reviews across your complete team for full organizational transparency into customer pain points and opportunities.

In terms of indignant customers, a swift resolution is critical. As CEO, I’ll even pick up the phone and call an indignant customer directly to assist solve an issue. This seemingly easy act can reap big rewards. 70% of unhappy customers whose problems are resolved have shown a willingness to maintain doing business with the identical company.

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4. Share your story

Understanding your why — in addition to your customer’s why — is crucial to growth. And on this climate, social impact is a critical trend for firms to contemplate.

This all begins with authentic connection and an organization driven by purpose. Not only should you recognize why your customers purchase your products, but your customers also needs to understand why you do what you do.

For me, this all begins with sharing the story of how Truly Free began and the way we have grown. I don’t draw back from talking concerning the personal impact products like ours have had on my family. Further, I’m transparent about who creates our products and the causes our products support. By constructing authenticity into our narrative, we’re fostering a trusted audience that resonates with our mission.

With so many products within the marketplace, there isn’t any shortage of options for patrons. The important thing to success in an ever-changing digital and competitive landscape is to know the hearts and minds of your customer. Creating unique, authentic connections and prioritizing relationships across the organization can set your organization up for long-term success.


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