28 CTA Templates to Design Clickable CTAs in PowerPoint [Download]


Calls-to-action (CTAs) are an important a part of your marketing arsenal. You would like effective CTAs to convert website visitors into leads. CTAs prompt your audience to take an motion of their lifecycle that truly advantages them — and the expansion of your online business.

Along with your CTA’s copy, its design must grab people’s attention. That is why we created 28 free call-to-action (CTA) templates in PowerPoint so that you can customize and use. Don’t let the fear of DIY design stop you. The template will teach you the best way to customize your recent CTAs effectively.

This post provides you with a sneak peek right into a large set of designs available within the template. Download it now and follow along.

Hubspot CTA Templates

Download Now: 28 Free CTA Templates

Best Free Call-to-Motion Templates

Struggling to create engaging CTA designs or simply in search of some inspiration? Listed below are a few of the perfect free call-to-action templates that may enable you.

1. Basic Calls-to-Motion

Sometimes you only need a fast and clean button that helps drive conversions.

Constructing a landing page that requires a customized submit button? Working on an internet site page that should drive visitors to a coupon? Drafting a blog post that needs a “read more” button after the summary? We have you covered.

Listed below are some template examples for basic CTAs.

some template examples for basic CTAs, including download now, learn more, and sign me up

Image Source

2. Contextualized Calls-to-Actions

You’ve seen some basic CTA options up to now. The subsequent set of CTA templates call on you to incorporate more context.

Listed below are two sample designs available within the template.

contextualized call-to-action templates

Image Source

These designs are created to further explain the worth of taking motion. Just you’ll want to keep the general layout of the button easy in order that users can easily see the motion you’re calling on them to take.

3. Photo and Mobile Device Calls-to-Motion

Photos can function an important asset when creating your call-to-action designs. Not to say it’s super easy because all you’ve to do is overlay some text.

Photos make it easy to humanize and customize your messages on your brand and audience.

Listed below are three sample CTA designs from the bunch.

Photo and Mobile Device Calls-to-Action

Image Source

Similarly, mobile and desktop devices can assist make your motion “pop.” Fairly than including a screenshot of your product, try putting that screenshot on a kindle to point out it in motion.

If you’ve trouble locating copyright-free photos, you may download our free stock photos resource. No attribution is required; just download and use.

4. Qualifying Calls-to-Actions

Whenever you’re attempting to nurture a lead further down the funnel, you need to make sure you’re presenting CTAs to qualify them on your sales team.

CTA templates you could customize to help convert a lead to marketing qualified lead

Image Source

For these CTAs, it’s essential that they’re welcoming and never pushy. Having an important design can enable you naturally move your leads further down your marketing funnel.

Listed below are two examples from the templates you may customize to assist convert a result in marketing qualified lead.

Crafting Your CTAs

Unsure the best way to exactly save and use these templates? Don’t be concerned. Your download of those 28 templates will include step-by-step instructions on the best way to save and use these templates in your website.

Soon you’ll be grabbing customers’ attention and driving leads.


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