2008 Weblog Awards: Open for Nominations


What makes a web award a success? There are many factors that we could consider, but I still think that the traffic and exposure that it attracts are the main ones. If that is the case, the Weblog Awards (also known as Bloggies) is certainly one of the most important blog awards.

I can tell that from personal experience. Last year Daily Blog Tips was nominated a finalist together with four other heavy weights (Problogger, Copyblogger, A List Apart and Learning Movable Type) on the “Best Web Development Blog” category. By the time I was not even aware of the award, but soon after the nominations I started to notice some sheer traffic on my server. The award was sending to my site over 500 uniques every day (with peaks of 1,500), and after the first week my RSS subscriber count had jumped by 600 subscribers.

Overall it was an awesome experience (even if I did not win!), and now the 2023 edition is getting started. The nomination phase opened yesterday and it will run until January 11. On January 22 the 5 finalists for each category will be announced, and another voting session starts to declare the winners.

You can nominate up to 3 blogs for each category, and there is a whole bunch of them. The “Best Web Development Blog” category was dropped, unfortunately, so Daily Blog Tips is not fitted for any category now.

If you are going to cast your votes, though, please nominate Daily Writing Tips on the “Best Topical Weblog” category, which is destined to blogs that cover very specific topics not listed on the other categories.

I still need to cast my votes also; let me know if you want your blog nominated under any category and I will try to squeeze it in!


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