Start Your B2B Co-Creation Journey with DICA – the Leading Accelerator Program for the Beverage Industry!


DICA is the beverage industry’s leading innovation community for business acceleration and business-to-business (B2B) co-creation. The DICA Acceleration & Co-Creation Program 2023 is now accepting applications for its ninth batch, supported by industry and innovation partners, including the Ardagh Group, drinktec, Franken Brunnen, INSIDE-Getränke, and more. The program is initiated by the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) in Munich, Germany’s leading startup center.

DICA accelerates startups by connecting and matching them with the right corporate partners to initiate a B2B co-creation process. The accelerator works with startups from various different backgrounds on topics ranging from digital transformation in logistics supply chains to sustainability and packaging. This year, DICA is also seeking digital and social media and marketing solutions, as well as success monitoring solutions, for the beverage industry.

Innovations In BevTech: Logistics, Packaging, Materials, Digital, Ingredients & Drinks

DICA is a focused space for testing new ideas, performing exciting new experiments, and forging strong partnerships between startups and industry leaders. DICA is looking for innovative startups with applications for the beverage industry, particularly those dealing with digital transformation in logistics, production, and distribution or sustainability in packaging and materials.

Apply today and get the chance to develop your BevTech products for the future of the industry, including in areas such as:

  • Logistics
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Ingredients
  • Sustainability or Circular Economy Solutions
  • Social Change
  • Digitalization (innovation assessment tools, reporting tools, etc.)
  • New Beverage Experiences
  • Innovative Drinks
  • Performance Monitoring

Why Should Your Startup Apply for DICA 2023?

Discover how the DICA Acceleration & Co-Creation Program will benefit your business:

  • Pre-matching Workshops focusing on B2B co-creation for selected startups with identifiable B2B co-creation potential.
  • Exclusive Matching Events including the initial and mutual meetings, as well as the inclusion of the startups in the upcoming DICA Batch 9.
  • The Sounding Phase involves finalizing the co-creation potential with the support of an experienced co-creation facilitator.
  • B2B Co-Creation Acceleration is the startup’s development phase of the co-creation process, facilitated by an experienced B2B co-creation facilitator.

DICA accelerates startups of all sizes, from ideation-stage startups to those already operating for one year or more.

Key Dates for the Ninth Batch of DICA 2023

  • Hurry, apply through the DICA website by 2nd May 2023!
  • The selection of successful applicants will take place on 26th May 2023
  • The Matching Day with company partners will take place on 20th June 2023



Why is Drink Innovation Campus the Right Accelerator for Your Beverage Business?

DICA understands the importance of actively supporting and accelerating innovative developments in the industry with openness and a cooperative spirit. The program deliberately creates a space where experiments and new partnership models can be thought out and executed for both startups and established companies. With the methods of startup development and the approaches of co-creation, completely new paths open up and essential questions about the future design of the beverage industry are addressed in the process. From understanding consumer behavior and sustainable change, DICA brings efficient and effective transformation across the beverage industry.

Click here to apply & start your B2B co-creation journey with DICA!




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