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A couple of readers asked me how my latest project,, was going, so I decided to write a small update.

First of all it has been a lot of work. We are publishing around 5,000 words worth of content every week there. That includes lessons, interviews, case studies and video tutorials. Many lessons come from the mentors that we have, but I still need to edit and format them, so it is a heck lot of work. Bit I guess I am getting used to it.

The good thing is that the interaction with the members is both fun and rewarding. When you have a closed community like we do, the attitude of the members is that of helping their fellows. You don’t have flamers, trolls and the like, which helps a lot.

It looks like the members are liking the program too. In fact, the majority of them will probably stick till the sixth month, and we got some nice comments too. Here are a couple of them:

Thank you very much for sharing this. I really think I am getting value for my money in this course, and that’s great to be able to say. (Andreas)

So far this program has delivered! I think this is because of your dedication to quality customer service and a genuine interest to teach and share. (Jonathan)

I confess I’m just getting into this. Really impressed with the material so far and looking forward to the support from the forum. (Jude)

Finally, I wanted to give a heads up to the people that got involved with the program along the way. First of all we welcome Chris Garrett as one of the mentors. Chris did a terrific job with the online community Authority Blogger, and he also has other online forums, so we are glad to have his knowledge about creating, promoting and managing online communities.

We also had some great people who agreed to do exclusive interviews for the training program, including:

  • Leo Babauta, owner of Zen Habits. With Leo with talked about his blogging success and the strategies that he used to achieve it.
  • Scott Jones, owner of jewels like, and With Scott we talked about the domaining business, acquiring premium domains and profiting from them.
  • Muhammad Saleem, social media maven. With Muhammad we talked about becoming and social media power user and promoting ones website with social bookmarking services.
  • Ryan Caldwel, owner of and many other sites. With Ryan we talked about the web publishing business model, and what strategies he uses to promote and make money with the websites on his network.
  • The Geek, owner of With the Geek we talked about his popular site (over 70,000 subscribers), and how he managed the addition of a forum to it.

The current members will finish the training on mid July, and after that I will probably take one or two months to review all the material, revamp the design, upgrade the members interface and so on.

So the second launch is scheduled for mid September 2023. I also have some neat things planned for it, so stay tuned.


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