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This is the final list of entries for the blog project “Blogging Mistakes”. We had 48 blogs participating on the project, hopefully we will learn from those mistakes and avoid them on the future. I was thinking that people would mention the same blogging mistakes over and over again, but that was not the case so make sure to check all the entries!

Every participant should now publish a post containing a link to all the entries (feel free to add comments, change the order and the like). The link love from the project should give a good ranking boost on Technorati and on search engines, specially for the new blogs. Below you will find the 48 blogging mistakes, have fun!

  • My Blogging Mistakes and Their Outcome by Thilak
  • A Star for a day. What I learned by Clever Dude
  • My Biggest Blogging Mistake: Posting Frequency by Chris
  • Your Blog Will Perish for Lack of Vision by Shawn
  • My Biggest Blogging Mistake is not Updating Often Enough by Julian
  • DYH isn’t perfect? by Cory O’Brien
  • Don’t Change the Name by Denise
  • Why this Blog Looks this Way by Ben
  • My Blogging Mistake: Too Many Blogs by Green Llama
  • What is Wrong with my Blog. An Honest Self-Assessment by Bret
  • I Almost Ruined Everything by Annie
  • Common Blogging Mistakes by Vijay
  • How to Not Run a Contest by Robert
  • 5 Things I Regret About March by Bill
  • Trying to Promote my Blog without enough Traffic by Nathan
  • Always Install WordPress on the Root Diretory by Daniel
  • I should have included media contents by Madhur
  • The Biggest Blogging Mistake I did was not Blogging by Francesco
  • Learning from Mistakes: Opening Links in New Windows by Nirmal
  • Mr. Frisky Retreats with his Tail Between his Legs by Rory
  • Use a Smart Permalink Structure on your Blog by Leftblank
  • Internet Explorer vs. Firefox Issues by Mark Paddock
  • Not Having Drafts Saved for Rainy Days by Inspirationbit
  • Don’t Underestimate the Commitment by Andrew
  • Get your Own Domain and WordPress for your Blog by Andrew Flusche
  • A Clear Point of View is Crucial to Increase your Blog Traffic by George
  • Delete Your First Blog Post by Mark Alves
  • Don’t Forget to Use Blog Carnivals by Andrea
  • Why Blogs and Blogging Will Ruin your Self Discipline by Dave
  • Careful on How You Tag your Posts by Shankar
  • Should’ve Gone WP Yesterday! by Jimbo
  • Don’t Make the Mistake of Monetizing your Blog Too Early by Maki
  • Don’t Ignore the Basics of SEO by Simonne
  • Spending Too Much Time Link-Begging by David Paul
  • Lack of Predictability on Your Posts by Roberto
  • What to Do When You don’t Have Anything to Say by Philip Liu
  • Copying, Mimicking, Duplication by Paper Bull
  • Starting Too Many Blogs by Mohammed
  • Leaving the Amateur League of Blogging: the Hosting Lesson by Rene
  • Be Careful how you Choose your Domain Name by Calvin
  • The Ad King by Jason
  • Move to your Own Domain Now by Gaurav
  • Lack of Persistence by Blake
  • Not Commenting Enough on other People’s Blogs by Somu
  • Failing to Realize the Importance of Relationships with Readers by Ronald
  • Don’t Handle Important Matters Lightly by Amanda
  • Do not Underestimate the Important of RSS Feeds by Kevin
  • Why you Should Own your Domain Name by Engtech


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