The 25 Best Second Phone Number App Options in 2023


In today’s world, having a second phone number is becoming more needed than ever before. Whether you’re attempting to keep your personal and work lives separate, wish to protect your privacy, or need a brief number for online transactions, there are many second phone number apps available to pick from. Keep reading to find the 25 best second phone number app options for 2023.

Are you able to add a second phone number to the identical phone?

Yes, it is feasible so as to add a second phone number to the identical phone using various methods, including dual sim phones. Dual SIM phones assist you to have two energetic SIM cards at the identical time, each with its own phone number and repair plan.

An alternative choice is to make use of a second phone number app, which creates a separate line that will be used for outbound and inbound calls and messages. Some phone carriers also offer a feature that permits you to add a second number to your existing line.

What’s a second phone number app?

A second phone number app is a mobile application that permits you to have a second phone number on the identical device as your primary number.

These apps use Voice over Web Protocol (VoIP) technology to create a separate line that will be used for calls and messages while not having a separate SIM card.

They are sometimes used for privacy, business, or temporary number purposes, and a few offer features like call forwarding, custom voicemail greetings, and text messages.

Why You Should Consider Using an App for a Second Phone Number

In case you’re on the lookout for added privacy and convenience, a second phone number app can provide the proper solution.

Whether you’re coping with a automotive rental company, wish to keep your skilled and private lives separate, or simply need one other line for business calls, listed below are five reasons to think about using an app for a second phone number:

  • Increased Privacy: A second phone number app permits you to keep your identity secure and protect your personal information from prying eyes.
  • Convenience: You don’t have to carry two phones around or have multiple SIM cards. Just manage every little thing on one device.
  • Affordability: In comparison with traditional phone plans, apps offer more features at lower prices.
  • International Calls: Some apps feature international calling capabilities so you could make long-distance calls without incurring expensive roaming fees.
  • Unlimited Features: Unique features like text masking, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and more make it easy to customize your experience.

25 Best Second Phone Number Apps

Whether you would like a disposable number or a further line for work or personal use, these apps offer a spread of features, including call forwarding, customizable voicemail greetings, auto-reply texts, and integration with popular mail apps. Listed below are the 25 best second phone number apps to think about:

1. Google Voice

Google Voice is a customizable business phone system available that uses AI to dam spam calls and transcribe voicemails. It’s easy to deploy, works with SIP Link and authorized hardware, and integrates with Google Meet and Calendar. It offers three license editions to administer costs.

2. Hushed

Hushed, a product of AffinityClick Inc. provides inexpensive private phone numbers with talk and text capabilities from 300+ area codes within the US, Canada, and the UK. They prioritize customer privacy and offer mobile and native numbers from multiple countries. AffinityClick focuses on mobile, web, and enterprise telecom solutions.

3. Sideline

Sideline is a mobile app that gives a second phone number for calls, texts, and voicemails. It really works with the prevailing carrier network to supply high-quality calls and features custom caller ID, spam detection, auto-reply, web texting, and more.

4. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is an all-in-one phone system for teams that gives business calls, texts, toll-free numbers, and contacts in a single app, with shared inboxes, call logs, and analytics. It allows fast claiming of North American phone numbers and customization of call flows. It has won multiple product quality and customer satisfaction awards.

5. Burner

Burner provides multiple phone numbers for work, life, and play, ensuring privacy and control. Users can create as much as 3 phone numbers, block spam, and set communication boundaries. It includes unlimited calls and texts, auto-reply texts, and more for an ad-free experience.

6. Cloud SIM

Cloud SIM is a mobile app that adds as much as 4 extra numbers to a user’s smartphone. It allows for cheaper calls, privacy protection, and custom profiles. The app enables free calls and messaging between users and low-cost calls and SMS to non-users.

7. Line2

Line2 is a cloud-based communication solution that gives a convenient second line with unlimited calls, messaging, and customizable features. It requires no recent hardware, is inexpensive, scalable, and accessible from anywhere through the mobile app and browser.

8. TextFree

TextFree is a free texting app available on iOS, Android, and desktop, with over 130 million users. Users can select a singular free second phone number, send unlimited texts, make WiFi calls, and customize their voicemail greetings. The app is praised by users for saving them money and providing reliable communication.

9. Dingtone

Dingtone offers a free app for unlimited calls and texts to any number, a free phone number for WIFI calling, and business phone features. It has over 100 million users worldwide and offers low-cost international calls to 200+ countries.

10. Dialpad

Dialpad is an AI-powered app for customer support and collaboration. The platform offers contact center transcripts, voice and meeting interfaces, and real-time transcription. It’s available in 70+ countries with 74+ integrations and has been named a frontrunner in eight categories by G2.

11. Vonage

Vonage provides communication solutions like APIs, unified communications, and speak to centers to reinforce customer experiences across channels. With 100,000+ businesses and 1.15 million developers worldwide, Vonage boasts 99.999% uptime reliability and terminates 25 billion messages and minutes yearly.

12. Flyp

Flyp is a mobile app that lets users add multiple phone numbers to their device with an area US area code, control who can contact them and when, and luxuriate in high-quality calling. Available on the App Store and Google Play for $7.99/month or $79.99/12 months, users can try their first additional line totally free for 7 days.

13. JustCall

With automation, analytics, and integrations, JustCall provides a communication stack designed for customer-facing teams. They’re the top-rated selection for small and medium businesses’ contact center software for ease of use, and over 6,000 firms depend on them. They support greater than 100 CRM, Helpdesk, and business tools with native integrations and employ a Tier-1 infrastructure for excellent call quality.

14. YouMail

The YouMail Skilled Plan offers call-handling services tailored to small businesses and professionals, including call routing, auto-attendant, and unified inbox. It also protects against scammers and provides professionally recorded greetings and a second phone number. Users praise its ease of use and spam reduction.

15. Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM provides virtual phone numbers from 80+ countries, eSIM data-only plans, low-cost calls and SMS, and bundles. They provide call forwarding and voicemail. With 3M+ energetic users in 150+ countries, it allows users to have a second phone number and data connection without an additional SIM card.

16. TextMe

TextMe is a free app for unlimited texting and calling to any US or Canadian number, offering voicemail and custom phone numbers for privacy. Developed by the TextMe team in 2011, it’s also used for low-cost international communication and will be used on iPad or iPod.

17. ConXhub

ConXhub is a mobile-first communication service that mixes VoIP and mobile cellular communications. It offers a unified communication solution with skilled switchboard features, customer interaction, and cost-saving options. Users can run multiple numbers from their current mobile and luxuriate in features reminiscent of call forwarding and messaging.

18. RingCentral

RingCentral is a number one global business cloud phone system that gives UCaaS and CCaaS solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. They supply powerful, reliable, and global telephony for Microsoft Teams, together with analytics and integrations, and are utilized by over 400k customers in 45 countries.

19. Grasshopper

Grasshopper offers small businesses a virtual phone system to seem skilled and grow. Users get a business phone number and communication tools to separate work and private calls, make and receive calls from anywhere, and never miss a call. The service has served over 400,000 customers and provides resources for business growth.

20. TextNow

TextNow is an app offering free nationwide phone service, flexible features, and coverage on a big network. Users can bring their very own number or get a recent one. Plans range from 1G to 5G starting at $8.99 per thirty days. The app also offers a SIM card activation kit totally free cellphone coverage.

21. iPlum

iPlum is a mobile app designed for professionals and teams, offering features like dual calling reliability, phone tree/auto-attendant, secure texting, voicemail transcriptions, call recording, online fax, BYOD, and API integration. It also provides extensive reports for managing accounts and is offered for download via email.

22. Ooma

Ooma Office is a VoIP service with plans starting at $19.95/user/month. Its mobile app, with a 4.9-star rating, allows users to administer calls, prioritize voicemails, send texts and pictures, record calls, and use advanced telephony features.

23. Phoner

Phoner offers a mobile app that gives a second phone number for privacy and security. It allows reliable calling, anonymous texting on web sites, and international numbers. Easy cancellation and extra productivity features are included.

24. TalkU

TalkU offers free calling and texting worldwide, with a walkie-talkie feature and funky sharing options. Users get a U.S. phone number, low-cost calling plans, and privacy protection. Calls and texts between 30 million TalkU users are free, and users can earn credits. Inexpensive international calling rates start at 1 credit per minute.

25. Talkatone

Talkatone is a free calling and texting app for iOS and Android that lets users call and text over WiFi or data connections without using cell minutes. It offers a free US phone number, and unlimited texting, and is offered for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Easy methods to Use a Second Number App

A second phone number app will be a useful tool for privacy, convenience, and more. Listed below are a couple of easy steps to start using one:

  1. Download and install the app: Select a good second phone number app out of your app store and install it in your device.
  2. Enroll and select a plan: Create an account and choose a plan that suits your needs, whether it’s a free or paid option.
  3. Select a phone number: Pick a phone number from the available options, which could possibly be local or from one other area code.
  4. Arrange call forwarding and voicemail: Depending on the app, you could need to establish call forwarding and voicemail in your recent number.
  5. Start using your recent number: Once every little thing is about up, you’ll be able to start using your recent number to make calls and send messages.

How are you going to get a second phone number totally free?

It’s possible through certain second phone number apps like Google Voice. An alternative choice is to make use of free WiFi calling services, which assist you to make calls over the web without using cellular data or minutes. It’s value noting that the most affordable phone service may not at all times be the very best option, as they might not have the precise features you’re on the lookout for.

Are second phone number apps protected?

Second phone number apps are generally protected and secure. They use encryption to guard conversations and supply a layer of privacy for users. Most also offer customizable settings for extra protection. Some phone services even offer on-hold music for business, which may enhance the phone experience for callers.

What second phone number app is best for personal phone calls?

Hushed is the highest app for personal calls and texts, offering local numbers in 300+ area codes. With customizable features reminiscent of voicemail greetings, auto-reply texts, and call forwarding, you’ll be able to protect your privacy.

Hushed has a limiteless calling and texting with 1 or 3-line subscriptions and versatile prepaid plans. Get a disposable number with full talk, text, and MMS capabilities today.

Which app is best for a second phone number?

Trusted by quite a few businesses, OpenPhone is a versatile VoIP phone system that gives a free US, Canadian, or toll-free number to each team member, with more numbers available at $5/month.

Its features include unlimited calls and texts, shared phone numbers, direct team messaging, and integrations with apps like Slack and HubSpot. Test out OpenPhone yourself with a complimentary one-week trial.

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