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My friend Yaro Starak and his partner Gideon Shalwick are re-opening the very successful course next Monday. What is it about? It is a coaching program aimed at people who are just getting started with their blogs (or who want to get started). It covers all you need to know to get your blog up and running and to make it successful.

If you want to get an idea about what is inside the program, you can watch 10 videos that they released free. Those videos cover the very basics, including why you should use WordPress, how to get your domain name and web hosting, how to use RSS feeds and so on.

Alternatively, you can also check a video from the actual coaching program that Yaro released on his blog, titled How to Rapidly Grow Your Blog Traffic. You won’t need to subscribe to an email list or anything, so check it out.

I am an affiliate for Yaro, so yeah if you end up signing up for the program I will make some money. However, I don’t promote his products just to earn commissions, but rather because Yaro is one of the marketers I most respect online, and because I know the amount of hard work that he puts on his products.

Want proof of this? When Yaro first launched he approached me to be an affiliate as well, but due to some technical problems I could not sign-up for the affiliate program. I went ahead and promoted the launch anyway, even without earning commissions, because I knew it was a quality product.

If you are getting started with blogging, therefore, don’t miss those videos.

  • Tips and tricks to improve your site
  • The latest trends and opportunities
  • Useful online tools
  • It’s free!


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