10 Places to Get Leather Craft Supplies for Your Business


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Leather is a timeless material that’s versatile and long-lasting, making it an ideal selection for craft projects. From clothing to furniture, leather is an excellent material to work with. Whether you’re just getting began within the leather crafting business or have been in the sport for years, listed here are 10 of the very best places to get your supplies for leather projects. Let’s start!

The Leather Industry in 2022

In 2022, the leather industry was valued at $39.6 billion and is projected to achieve $52.5 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of three.6%. The demand for luxury goods and accessories is fueling the worldwide leather market, prompting fabric manufacturers to maintain up with the trend.

Top Places to Buy Leather Crafting Supplies

Researching where to buy leather supplies could be tedious and time-consuming, so listed here are the highest 10 online store options where yow will discover all of your crafting needs.

1. Amazon

Arguably the largest online retailer on this planet, Amazon offers an intensive collection of leather crafting supplies.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a wonderful source of handmade leather goods and supplies, with a plethora of vendors offering unique items.

3. eBay

This online marketplace is stuffed with leather craft supplies in any respect budget levels, including bulk items and rare finds.

4. Joann Fabrics

Joann’s is an excellent spot to search out leather supplies for beginner and skilled craftsmen alike. Their selection includes items resembling hides, tools, hardware, and more.

5. Michaels

Michaels is an excellent option for those searching for leather craft supplies, with every part from tools and hardware to hides and accessories.

6. Weaver Leather Supply

Weaver Leather began as a small shoe shop, eventually growing into an elite manufacturer and distributor of quality leather and nylon products.

7. Rocky Mountain Leather Supply

Rocky Mountain Leather Supply in Sandy, Utah provides wholesale discounts on all leather and tools. Discounts for leather rely on the variety of full hides purchased, and power discounts can be found for multiples of a single product and size.

8. Tandy Leather

Tandy Leather is the go-to source for leather craft supplies and offers a big range of tools, hardware, hides, and more.

9. Leather Craft Tools

Leather Craft Tools ships leathercraft supplies worldwide, caters to beginners and experts, and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

10. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has a big range of leather crafting supplies which are perfect for those just starting out. In addition they offer weekly sales and discounts, making it an excellent place to search out the right item at a reasonable price.

Essential Leather Craft Supply for Your Next Project

When starting a latest leather crafting project, having the best supplies is essential for fulfillment and for making customers blissful. Listed below are essential leather craft supplies to contemplate:

Leather for Crafting

Selecting the best kind of leather in your project is essential. Consider aspects resembling the thickness, durability, and texture of the leather before making your selection. Doing all of your research and buying from a good supplier can enable you to find the right hide in your project.

Leather Kits

Leather crafting kits include pre-cut leather pieces and all of the obligatory tools and supplies to finish a particular project. They’re an excellent option for beginners or those that wish to try a latest project.

Latigo Lace

Latigo lace is a durable and versatile kind of leather lace used for stitching and binding leather pieces. It is available in various sizes and colours and is an excellent option for creating intricate designs. By choosing the best leather craft supplies you’ll be able to ensure your projects prove just the best way you envisioned them.


Rivets are essential for adding hardware to leather pieces, resembling buckles or snaps. They are available different sizes and materials, including brass, copper, and nickel, and might add an ornamental touch to your project.

Leather Crafting Tools for Business

Leather crafting tools are essential for anyone trying to start a leather crafting business. From needles to hole punches, each tool serves a novel purpose. Listed below are six categories of tools to contemplate when establishing your leather crafting business:


Leather needles are available various shapes and sizes, each suited to a particular task. For instance, harness needles are perfect for sewing thick leather, while glover’s needles work best on softer, thinner leather.

Cutting Tools

Having the best cutting tools is important to make sure precision in leather crafting. Some examples include a rotary cutter, utility knife, and leather shears.

Hole Punches

Hole punches are available different shapes and sizes to create holes of various diameters. They are perfect for creating holes for stitching or adding hardware resembling rivets.


Awls are versatile tools used for punching holes, creating stitching holes, and general marking on leather. They are available different shapes, including straight, curved, and diamond.

Edge Bevelers

Edge Bevelers create a rounded edge on leather, giving it knowledgeable finish. They are available different sizes, and the selection of the best one is determined by the thickness of the leather.

Stamping Tools

Stamping tools are used to emboss designs onto leather. They are available different shapes and sizes, and the selection is determined by the specified design and level of detail.

What Are the Most Necessary Leather Craft Tools?

A very powerful leather craft tools include needles, cutting tools, hole punches, awls, edge bevelers, and stamping tools. These tools are essential for creating precise and professional-looking leather items.

How Much Money Can a Leather Crafter Make?

The sum of money a leather crafter could make varies depending on aspects resembling skill level, area of interest, and market demand. Successful leather crafters could make a full-time income, with some earning upwards of six figures.

Is Leather Crafting Difficult?

Leather crafting requires practice, patience, and a spotlight to detail, however it is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby or business. With the best tools and guidance, anyone can learn to create beautiful leather items.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Wholesale Leather Craft Supplies?

The perfect place to search out wholesale leather craft supplies is thru reputable suppliers and distributors who concentrate on leather crafting materials. Online marketplaces, trade shows, and native craft stores will also be great sources for wholesale leather craft supplies.

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