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The sale of domain names is a potential money maker for a webmaster, and the chances of success are double if that particular domain name has existing following among people. In such a situation, you can successfully earn an amount in the thousands. Many webmaster uses the sale of domain names to earn handsome profits and by following few simple steps presented in this articles, even you can learn to make money out of domain names.

You can start by picking a keyword that attracts huge traffic, and no one else has yet realized its potential. The best way of conducting a search will be through a keyword tracker. It is always preferable to buy a keyword tracker such as Word Tracker or Keyword Analyzer, as they are more efficient. The paid versions will be better as they keep you up to date with the level of competition you face over each keyword, while the free word trackers only give you the number of times a keyword has been searched.

If you happen to be short on money, then by all means you can use a free version of the premium word tracker, and when you earn some profit by selling your domain names, you can upgrade to the full version.

After picking a good keyword, all of your efforts must be directed to getting a domain name and web hosting. You might wonder why you would require web hosting when your main objective is simply to acquire domain names. The reason behind this is that you need a website where traffic can be attracted. Otherwise, visitors will not be able to return to your domain name, and you will lose out on profits by losing traffic. It is best to look for an offer that gives you both the domain name and domain hosting.

You must also look into including your selected keyword in the domain name you acquire. In a situation where your keyword has already been taken as a domain name, you can try slight variations like ‘A1’, ‘333’ or ‘101’. For instance if your keyword is ‘Jobs’, and it is not available, then you can try other domain names like ‘A1 Jobs’, ‘333 Jobs’ or ‘101 Jobs’. Or you can always check a related keyword that is available; whichever option you choose you must make sure that your domain name is keyword-rich.

Now you must concentrate on creating a website, but it does not necessarily have to be a big one, even a one page website will do. By writing a comprehensive article about your keyword and its potential on a web editing package, you can save it in HTML format. You give additional features to your buyers by joining AdSense or any affiliate program. Depending on the nature of your program, you can even earn good commission on sale of your domain name.

After creation of website, another important phase is drawing traffic. You will have to start off by buying traffic, but it must be ensured that the company you hire to draw traffic only employs dead domain names rather than bots or paid techniques like emails, newsletters etc. Still you must concentrate on posting your website to other websites, forums, message boards, directories and other free websites, to create inbound links. Writing articles about your domain names and submitting them to article directories is also helpful as readers will be tempted to pay a visit to your website.

You can continue to build traffic, and when there are enough visitors on your website which you can monitor by watching your Alexa rating will be building via the toolbar or website. After this you can go for a domain appraiser and see what your domain name will fetch you. You must set practical targets, and there is absolutely no need for you to get bogged down if the price is low, as many people only prefer traffic over other SEO features built into the site.

When you feel that you are all set to sell your domain name, you can auction it, and including your website can also be profitable. After the sale of domain name, you would require transferring it to another account, and you can count on your web hosting company to help you in it.

You can use the money you earn through selling your domain name to start a new project. If you go for a dead domain name, it will save you efforts which you would have spent in building traffic.


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