Writesonic Review (2023)


It is probably going you’ve heard about Writesonic while trying to find a latest AI-powered writing assistant. Writesonic is gaining popularity within the industry.

Selecting the improper AI writing tool can prove frustrating and time-consuming. And selecting the improper service can find yourself costing you hundreds of dollars and hours of time.

I’ve spent considerable time learning about content writing tools and created this Writesonic review to supply a transparent picture and highlight key features of the software.

In case you’re searching for faster ways to create AI-generated content for a corporation website or personal blog, this Writesonic review is ideal!

Let’s see how this AI tool performs in comparison with other AI writing tools.

What’s Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI writing assistant designed to aid you quickly create content, including product descriptions, Search engine optimization meta tags, a whole article, and more.

The AI article author uses natural language processing, machine learning, and text evaluation to generate content in seconds.

Moreover, Writesonic helps users create plagiarism-free content.

Writesonic is a wonderful tool for busy website managers needing to supply authentic content without spending hours brainstorming ideas or hiring writers.

Who Can Use Writesonic?

Writesonic is a useful AI author for Search engine optimization marketers, copywriters, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who need to create content quickly.

It’s also great for businesses that must generate long-form content and produce blog outlines in large volumes.

Lastly, Writesonic is right for individuals with author’s block needing to develop article ideas and blog post ideas.

Writesonic can develop a whole post a few topic from a general idea or focus you provide, ensuring you’re more efficient! 

Writesonic AI Pros and Cons

Writesonic offers several features and tools to supply blog content quickly. Let’s review the benefits and drawbacks of this writing tool.

Wirtesonic AI Pros

Writesonic has several pros to contemplate. It wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t efficient AI software! 

A few of the benefits we’ll highlight on this Writesonic review are as follows:

  • One of the crucial straightforward AI tools to learn tips on how to use 
  • Creating marketing content is straightforward 
  • AI writers sound like an actual person wrote them
  • Excellent for producing long-form content 
  • Google Search powers the AI writing tool
  • There are advanced features available 
  • A helpful tool for content writers 

Wirtesonic AI Cons

As excellent as Writesonic is at making the writing process more efficient, the tool includes some disadvantages.

A few of the downsides of using this AI assistant include the next:

  • Creating content for a research-based blog post is usually unreliable
  • The AI article author will be expensive for beginners and other people on a decent budget
  • Cannot generate text in a specified tone
  • Users cannot edit articles inside Writesonic; they have to export them first 

These downsides are standard with every AI-powered writing assistant. 

Writesonic Pricing Review: Is Writesonic Value it?

One crucial detail we must cover on this Writesonic review is pricing.

Pricing helps determine whether this AI writing tool is possible on your needs.

Fortunately, Writesonic has a free trial plan available for brand new users. The free plan has a ten,000-word limitation.

So, after you reach this threshold, the free plan is over, and you will need to pay for Writesonic.

Still, the free trial includes quite a few features, including the next:

  • Over 100 AI templates 
  • AI Article Author 
  • Botsonic 
  • Generator for landing pages 
  • Zapier integration 

The long-form plan is designed for bloggers, freelancers, and businesses demanding content for blogs, and books.

Pricing starts at $12.67 monthly for 60,000 words (this plan has a 4 million word limit).

In comparison with other AI software available, Writesonic is inexpensive. 

Also, Writesonic allows users to create custom plans.

These plans are tailored toward teams and businesses and include features like tech support and a dedicated account manager.

How Does Writesonic Work?

Writesonic is integrated with Google Search.

The AI author uses Google to generate factual information quickly and might even write articles on real-time topics.

Since Writesonic is connected to Google, one of the powerful search engines like google and yahoo on this planet, the content creation process relies on the most recent information.

After generating long or short-form content, there’s minimal editing in your behalf!

Other AI assistants will not be as up-to-date as Writesonic is, allowing it to differentiate itself in a growing market. 

Easy methods to Use Writesonic

We’ll detail tips on how to use the AI author on this Writesonic review!

Whatever the variety of article you wish, Writesonic is a solid product able to quickly creating blog content.

Step 1: Pick a Template

Step one in using Writesonic is selecting a template.

Picking a template tells the AI writing tool what variety of content you ought to write and the way long said content needs to be.

Writesonic provides quite a few templates to select from, including the next:

  • AI Article Author 
  • Product Descriptions 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Article Intros 
  • Article Rewriter 
  • Article Outlines and Ideas 
  • Content Rephrase 
  • Long-Form Writing Assistant 
  • Sentence Expander 
  • Google Ads

Ensure you recognize what content your website demands before paying for Writesonic.

Step 2: Come Up With Ideas

The subsequent step is generating ideas for the subject you wish written content for.

There’s a box labeled “Topic,” where you type in what you ought to write about.

There’s also a box for the language you wish it written in.

For instance, should you were creating a whole blog about fitness and the advantages of stretching, you can type in something like, “What are the advantages of yoga-style stretching?”.

Writesonic produces an inventory of ideas.

After choosing one, you possibly can move on to the subsequent step!

Step 3: Generate an Intro

After you select an article topic idea, you possibly can create an introduction.

To create an introduction on your first project, simply click on the concept this system generated that you simply like most from Writesonic’s curated list.

The writing software creates an inventory of potential introduction paragraphs.

All you want to do is review the list and select which most closely fits the article you ought to create.

Step 4: Generate an Outline

Writesonic lets you select a top level view based on the form of introduction you chose.

The AI software provides a number of options with different tones and topics.

Having multiple options is among the finest details about Writesonic. 

As an alternative of forcing you to generate articles in a single style, Writesonic provides several options for various sorts of blog ideas.

Select the outline that matches the style you require on your website and move on to the subsequent step.

Step 5: Have Writesonic Do the Rest

The ultimate step, quite frankly, couldn’t be simpler.

Writesonic can generate about 1,000 words of content in seconds, creating fluent sentences that don’t sound robotic.

Some generated content may sound repetitive, so you will need to edit the article and add sentences.

Still, Writesonic is a fantastic tool to start out an article and reduce editing time!

Writesonic AI Content Examples

Writesonic Review - Article Writer

We’ll provide some examples of Writesonic content for several scenarios.

For example, if I needed to write down an article about birds and their migration patterns, Writesonic may produce something like this:

Wisconsin is a state with a wide range of birds that travel through the world annually. From small songbirds to large hawks and eagles, these birds follow specific migration patterns depending on their species. Understanding these patterns may help birders enjoy watching them within the wild higher.”

Further, if I managed an internet site about recycling, Writesonic may create a written sample like this:

Recycling cardboard boxes is one of the vital recycling activities for businesses. Not only does it keep cardboard out of landfills and incinerators, however it also helps reduce waste costs and helps promote an environmentally-friendly image. Recycling cardboard may help conserve energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, save natural resources, and stop deforestation.”

As you possibly can see from these small snippets, you’ve a fantastic start on a blog post.

Also, Writesonic can create shorter content, like social media captions, based on the necessities you enter. 

Still, the content will likely be 100% unique, and Writesonic produces it inside seconds! 

Does Writesonic Content Should be Edited?

It’s best to have a content author edit the content Writesonic produces.

Writesonic attests editing and spelling checks are included within the software (even the free version).

Still, it is sensible to double-check the article before posting it anywhere.

Writesonic also claims its writing is plagiarism-free.

Again, using a tool like Grammarly to double-check the plagiarism results isn’t a foul idea, especially for long-form content.

Grammarly immediately points out grammatical errors. And the premium version of this system lets you check for plagiarism. 

Overall, Writesonic content should be edited should you want probably the most grammatically correct writing in your website.

Can Google Detect Writesonic Content?

Google can detect whether or not Writesonic wrote an article.

Tools like Originality.AI are able to detecting Writesonic as being bot-generated.

A few of the content we tested for this text predicted with 99% confidence that the words were written by AI software.

The proven fact that Google can detect the content as bot-generated isn’t the top of the world.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to recollect this, as some tech experts consider it impacts an internet site’s Google rankings.

Varieties of Content Templates in Writesonic

Writesonic Review - templates

Writesonic has several templates, ensuring you possibly can generate engaging content in any situation!

A few of the content templates include the next:

  • Instagram Caption Generator 
  • Instagram Hashtag Generator 
  • LinkedIn Post Generator 
  • YouTube Video Script Generator 
  • Tweet Generator 
  • TikTok Script Generator 
  • Case Studies 
  • How-To Guides 
  • Blog Posts 
  • eBooks 
  • White Papers

As you possibly can see, Writesonic has tools to aid you write content for a blog, helping keep your site relevant and rating high on Google.

On top of that, Writesonic makes managing social media easier with quite a few post and hashtag generators.

What Makes Writesonic Higher Than Its Competition?

Several aspects help Writesonic distinguish itself from other AI tools.

For instance, the proven fact that Writesonic utilizes Google Search means the content is up-to-date and covers trending topics.

Other software just isn’t as updated and relevant as Writesonic, limiting the topics you possibly can write about.

Also, Writesonic’s Sonic Editor helps content creators get out of a writing slump fast.

The Sonic Editor is simple to make use of and helps people generate creative content in seconds.

Lastly, Writesonic is inexpensive and flexible.

Writesonic’s free edition is ideal for small-time bloggers and small businesses, while the paid service has every little thing larger operations need.

The proven fact that Writesonic offers customizable services is a wonderful feature.

That way, you do not want to fret about adding ten credits or extra money to your account.

Writesonic builds a plan around your writing and editing needs!

Writesonic and Surfer Integration

Writesonic Review - Surfer SEO integration

In case you want your blog post to rank higher on Google and other search engines like google and yahoo, using Surfer Search engine optimization is essential!

Surfer Search engine optimization helps you save time while generating Search engine optimization content.

And mixing this with Writesonic is a game-changer!

Writesonic provides a Surfer Search engine optimization integration for $1, saving $58 during your first month.

The Surfer Search engine optimization integration provides over 80 content templates, allowing you to generate creative content from scratch while making it Search engine optimization-perfect with Surger.

Also, the combination provides a full-proof Search engine optimization audit.

Surfer Search engine optimization conducts quite a few, thorough checks on Writesonic, ensuring you write content that ranks higher while improving content.

Further, using Surfer Search engine optimization means you do not want to spend priceless time trying to find keywords.

As an alternative, Surfer Search engine optimization generates relevant keywords and headings.

All you want to do is start with a relevant focus keyword, and Surfer Search engine optimization handles the remaining!

Writesonic and GTP4

GTP4 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4) is an iteration of AI language models developed by OpenAI.

This tool is designed to concurrently process and generate textual data, images, audio, and video.

Due to this fact, GTP4 can generate unique content that’s contextually wealthy using different kinds of information, making for more diverse and complicated creations.

Using GTP4 with Writesonic enables users to create more comprehensive site content.

As an alternative of solely creating written blog posts, you possibly can include pictures, audio, and videos within the post.

GTP4 is great for businesses aiming to create engaging content beyond written words.

Writesonic Reviews: What are People Saying?

Individuals who use Writesonic often give the software glowing reviews.

About 98% of users attest the tool is great! 

All of the features Writesonic provides make the tool insanely easy to make use of, and there isn’t much effort on the user’s end to generate engaging writing samples.

Due to this fact, it shouldn’t take you long to learn tips on how to use it!

We enjoyed using Writesonic during our free trial, especially for brief content like social media posts and paragraphs for an article.

Based on the general public’s opinion, Writesonic is value not less than trying.

But don’t be surprised if you ought to buy additional credits to proceed using the AI-powered software.

Writesonic Customer Support Review

Writesonic repeatedly proves its customer support is extraordinary.

Customers rave about how responsive and helpful Writesonic’s agents are.

And while testing Writesonic’s live chat, I used to be impressed with how fast and real the shopper support is.

I wasn’t stuck waiting around for somebody to answer me.

As an alternative, Writesonic’s team and I connected inside minutes, and my inquiry was handled inside no time!

If there’s one thing you would not have to fret about with Writesonic, it’s slow customer support response times.

Writesonic Alternatives

Review these two alternatives should you are unsure about using Writesonic to create articles!

Writesonic isn’t the one tool for AI writing services; quite a few advanced options can be found.


Jasper is one of the popular AI writing services.

In comparison with Writesonic, you’ll receive access to several more features with Jasper.

Jasper can write any type of content you demand, including long-form content, samples for landing pages, Facebook ads, and more.

Further, Jasper mimics your writing style and helps you to select the tone of voice you wish for any article.

Jasper can also be great at predicting an article outline you’re following.

Like Writesonic, you continue to must edit Jasper’s content, because the AI service tends to get repetitive and produce occasional grammatical errors.


Copy.AI is one other excellent Writesonic alternative.

This tool has over 70 tools to help with writing blogs and other content.

Also, Copy.AI has a bigger library of features in comparison with Writesonic.

Users can create something from scratch or construct off a Copy.AI template.

A few of the content creation Copy.AI may help with includes the next:

  • Landing pages 
  • Articles on a blog 
  • Digital ad copy 
  • Sales emails 

Copy.AI’s free plan has a 2,000-word limit monthly, and the Pro plan costs $36 monthly and includes no word restrictions!

Final Thoughts on Writesonic

In case you are trying to find an AI writing service to assist create unique content, Writesonic is a fantastic alternative.

The software offers several features, comparable to voice control and text summarization, making it easier to generate engaging content quickly.

But should you need more features like templates and word count limits, consider alternatives like Jasper and CopyAI.

We hope this 2023 Writesonic review has helped you select which AI writing tool is best for you!

Good luck finding the suitable AI writing service on your needs.

And tell us within the comments section if this text helped you discover an efficient AI writing service!


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