Five Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Content


Are readers getting real value from your posts?

Hopefully, you’re sharing ideas, giving advice, or providing inspiration … but you could probably still use a few extra tricks to make your posts brilliantly useful for your readers.

Here are five simple ways to add value to any post. (You might want to pick one or two each time you start a new post — and you could even go back through your archives and try some of these on older posts, particularly any which get lots of search engine traffic.)

#1: Give “Do It” Tips

It’s easy to give information … but are your readers really implementing what they learn from your blog? Make it easy for them with simple tips for putting what they read into practice.

You can call these Do it, Try this, Your turn, Exercise … whatever works for you and your audience. Here’s an example: one of my “Fix it” tips from The Five Biggest Mistakes That Bloggers Make.

Fix it: Come up with a blogging rhythm that works for you. Remember, quality is better than quantity!

#2: Link to Useful Resources

Whatever you’re posting about, links can help give extra value to readers. For instance, if you’re writing a guide on setting up a blog, you might want to link to a post on choosing a great domain name.

Some links could go to other posts on your blog (great for decreasing your bounce rate and for improving your SEO). Others could go to posts on other people’s blogs (great for building relationships with fellow bloggers and for showing your expertise by pointing readers to useful resources in your niche).

#3: Add Formatting for Easy Reading

Subheadings, numbered points, bold text, blockquotes … all of these make it easier for your reader to take in what you’re saying. If you have a long post without much formatting, try breaking it up into sections. Write clear subheadings that let the reader jump straight to the information that interests them.

For more help on formatting, check out How to Write Scannable Content: A 6-Step Approach.

#4: Give Concrete Examples

When you’re explaining a concept, give readers an example. For instance, if you’re telling them to write compelling headlines for their landing page, include at least one (and probably more) examples of actual headlines.

Your examples might be screenshots, videos, photos, quotes, case studies … anything that helps readers to truly understand what you’re saying. Make them specific, and if necessary, take the time to explain them.

#5: Tell Readers Where to Go Next

At the end of your post, make sure you give readers some guidance on what to do next. That might be one suggestion to get them started on implementing your advice, or it could be a link to a related post on your blog.

This is also a great way to incorporate your call to action. Look for ways to encourage readers to do something that benefits you and them: for instance, you might suggest that they join your mailing list for more help with a particular topic, or you could ask them to leave any questions for you in the comments.

So … it’s your turn! Head on over to your blog and take a look at one of your recent posts. Choose one idea from above, and use that to give your post even more value. Then come back and pop a comment below to let us know what you did. If you’ve got any other great suggestions for adding value to posts, let us know about that too.

Bio: Ali Luke writes a regular column for Daily Blog Tips. If you’d like more blogging tips and tricks from her, check out her three info-packed Blogger’s Guide ebooks.


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