Top 11 Virtual Counselor Resources


Do you ever feel like the world’s weight is pressing down on your shoulders, and you could use someone to help you carry that load? Fear not, because we’ve got you covered – from the comfort of your home! Introducing our top 11 virtual counselor resources for those seeking solace, support, and sound advice.

So grab a comfy blanket, find a quiet spot, and let’s dive into these virtual havens for mental health.

1. BetterHelp – Best Overall Virtual Counselors

Firstly, BetterHelp is pretty much the Beyoncé of online counseling platforms – it’s large, in charge, and ready to help you slay your demons. Also, with licensed therapists who specialize in everything from depression to relationship woes, BetterHelp has got your back.


  • Speedy therapist matching that’s easier than swiping right on Tinder
  • Wallet-friendly pricing for those without insurance
  • Text your therapist whenever the urge strikes – no need to wait for a scheduled session
  • In addition, an easy-to-use app and website – because who needs extra stress?


  • You can’t initially handpick your therapist (but trust us, they’re all fabulous)
  • Monthly costs may vary depending on your therapist’s availability and location

2. Talkspace – Best for text-based therapy

Talkspace is like having a therapist in your pocket – literally. This platform focuses on providing therapy through messaging and texting so you can vent your frustrations with just a few taps.


  • Accepted by various health plans, employers, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • Offers different types of therapy (individual, couples, teens) to suit your needs
  • Get both medication management and psychiatry services separately if needed
  • Also, choose your own therapist (because we know how picky you can be)


  • No free initial consult (but hey, quality therapy deserves some coin)
  • Group therapy isn’t an option (but sometimes one-on-one is better)

3. 7 Cups of Tea – Best for free listening and emotional support

7 Cups of Tea is like the warm hug of the online therapy world, connecting users with trained listeners in anonymous chat rooms. Not to mention, they also offer affordable online therapy options with licensed professionals.


  • Flexible texting schedule for those always on-the-go
  • Get help from AI chatbot Noni (like Siri, but more emotionally attuned)
  • In addition, Connect with others in supportive community spaces via forums and group chats


  • Therapy isn’t in real-time (but hey, patience is a virtue)
  • Only text-based therapy (but sometimes words speak louder than actions)
  • Also, z plethora of discussion boards may make finding your post difficult (just think of it as a therapeutic treasure hunt!)

4. Regain – Best virtual counselors for couples counseling

Regain proves that love really does conquer all – even the digital barrier. This platform specializes in relationship counseling, allowing couples to work with a licensed therapist via messaging, video, or phone calls.


  • More affordable than traditional in-person couples counseling
  • Financial aid is available for those who qualify
  • Quick and easy therapist matching process
  • Also, Three-way calling option for long-distance lovebirds


  • Costs may vary depending on location (but can you really put a price on love?)
  • Automatic therapist matching at first (but remember, variety is the spice of life)

5. – Best for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the go-to platform for those seeking CBT-based programs. With access to a personal therapist and tailored plans, this platform helps individuals overcome various mental health challenges.


  • Available across 30+ US states and internationally
  • Online CBT homework worksheets to foster a deeper connection with your therapist
  • Multiple session options: live video, phone call, or text-only
  • Geographical location won’t affect out-of-pocket costs
  • Also, court-approved online anger management program


  • Insurance is not accepted (but think of it as an investment in yourself)
  • Only 18+ can access individual and couples therapy (sorry, young’uns)

6. Amwell – Best for Psychiatric Care

Amwell is like the Swiss Army knife of telehealth platforms, offering therapy and psychiatric services like medication management and evaluation from board-certified psychiatrists.


  • Appointment scheduling as smooth as your favorite jazz tunes
  • Diverse therapist selection to suit your every whim
  • Many major insurance plans accepted (hooray!)
  • Therapy available for those aged 10 years and older
  • Also, primary care physicians and psychiatrists can coordinate for better plans


  • Only those aged 18 years or older can avail of psychiatry care
  • No text-based therapy (boo)
  • No prescriptions for controlled medications (but hey, safety first!)

7. Teen Counseling – Best Virtual Counselors for Teenagers

Teen Counseling is like the cool older sibling of online therapy platforms, specifically designed for teens aged 13-19, connecting them with licensed therapists who specialize in various conditions.


  • Confidential therapy formats via video, phone call, and live chat
  • Caregivers can choose therapy for parental advice or invite their child to sessions
  • A subsidiary of BetterHelp, one of the best virtual counselor platforms online
  • Also, therapists have at least 1,000 hours of hands-on experience and at least 3 years


  • You cannot choose your own therapist but can switch to another
  • Insurance benefits and coverage do not apply

8. LiveHealth Online – Best Virtual Counselors for Accessibility

LiveHealth Online is like a dependable friend, always there when you need them. Connect with licensed therapists, virtual counselors, and psychologists for a range of conditions through this well-rounded counseling platform.


  • Insurance accepted, which is always a win
  • Pick your own therapist and stick with them throughout your journey
  • Virtual counselors for varied conditions ranging from depression to relationship issues
  • In addition, psychiatric care services are also available


  • No text message therapy (sometimes you just need to let it out via text!)
  • No additional resources or support features

9. Calmerry – Best for Affordable Therapy

Calmerry is the Robin Hood of online therapy platforms, providing clients with access to licensed therapists at an affordable price. Additionally, they offer therapy for various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.


  • Text-based and live therapy
  • Fast virtual counselor matching (mostly within 1 hour)
  • Digital tools provided to help hone mental skills
  • Calmerry virtual counselor sends self-help content
  • Additionally, prices may be closer to in-person, private therapy than competitors


  • Insurance or Medicare does not cover Calmerry costs
  • You don’t get to choose your therapist when starting out initially

10. Cerebral – Variety of Plans Offered

Cerebral is like the giant buffet of online therapy platforms, offering options for every taste and preference. There’s something for everyone here, featuring various plans that include online therapy and medication management.


  • Accepts FSA and HSA funds
  • Psychiatric therapy, virtual counseling, nutrition, weight loss medication, treatment for opioid use, and medication management all in one place
  • Prescriptions are low-cost (usually $10) and can be mailed to your home
  • Also, a wide variety of plans available to cater to your specific needs


  • Limited refunds (only if not matched with a clinician within a specific time frame)

11. Doctor on Demand – Best for Holistic Care

Lastly, Doctor on Demand has got you covered from head to toe, offering online therapy and medical consultations with physicians and psychiatrists. This platform is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive approach to their overall well-being.


  • Insurance may cover costs
  • Choose your own psychiatrist or therapist based on their expertise and qualifications
  • Available for children as well
  • In addition, a full care team can be deployed for you, including a primary care doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist, to prepare tailored treatment plans


  • If insurance is not accepted, costs may exceed those of in-person therapy

Parting Words:

In conclusion, seeking support and help is a sign of strength, not weakness, so take that first step toward a happier and healthier future with these wonderful therapy platforms. Cheers to your well-being!


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