15 Best Bulk Email Services for 2023


You’ve seen that email marketing works wonders for your small business. So that you doubled down and built an enormous email list. Nonetheless, you’ve now hit a roadblock. You possibly can’t send bulk emails through providers like Gmail or Outlook.

Enter: Bulk email service providers.

These bulk email services are equipped to administer large volumes of email while offering features to trace performance. Read on to find the important thing features to look out for in a bulk email service and one of the best bulk email services out there.

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A mass email service helps you reach a big audience and nurture them one email at a time. Along with getting direct access to your customer base, you may track how your emails perform and test various methods to extend clicks and conversions.

While traditional promoting methods, reminiscent of print ads and junk mail, can have a high return on investment (ROI), it might be difficult to know how consumers interact together with your materials. With a bulk email service, yow will discover out what attracts consumers and what elements result in more conversions.

Moreover, many bulk email services offer automation tools — think workflows and sequences. You possibly can more easily move leads down the funnel and retain your current clients.

Using a private or business email can work in the primary few months of beginning a business but will quickly grow to be ineffective as you grow. Bulk email services offer a long-term solution.

Reasons to Send Bulk Emails

Undecided if it’s the correct time to try a bulk email service? The primary query it’s best to ask is, “Is our brand investing in email marketing this quarter/yr?”

If the reply is yes, that’s your sign to take a position in an email service.

Listed here are specific examples of while you would send out a mass email to your subscribers:

  • Sales promotions. Say you need to promote discounts on specific services or products. Sending a mass email to your subscribers is an awesome option to generate sales.
  • Newsletters. Do you need to send out exclusive content to your subscribers? Then a newsletter is the option to go.
  • Product updates. An excellent option to announce a recent product feature or line is via email. You possibly can include previews to accumulate excitement and include calls-to-action (CTAs) for conversions.
  • Announcements. Are you updating your hours, prices, or services? Or perhaps there’s been a change in your policy. Notifying your subscribers in an email blast is an efficient option to spread the news.

With every email you send to subscribers, you’ll want to recollect your goals, audience, time and day, personalization, and compliance with data protection laws.

Best Bulk Email Services

1. HubSpot’s Email Marketing Tool

 bulk email service, HubSpot

Image Source

With HubSpot, you may create, customize, and optimize your emails without coding or design experience.

You possibly can send as much as 2,000 emails monthly, which doesn’t include test emails to ascertain functionality. As well as, the platform offers a user-friendly interface, tools like drag-and-drop to design your email easily, tokens to personalize every email, and an a/b testing feature.

As well as, you may create custom reports based on the info you need to collect and analyze.

Pricing: One of the best part? It’s free.

2. ConvertKit

Best bulk email services, Convertkit bulk email service

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As their name suggests, the platform is designed to assist you to earn more conversions and generate more revenue. ConvertKit is understood for its advanced automation tools, including custom email funnels, smart filters, and link triggers.

Moreover, the platform has a 98% delivery rate, ensuring that your emails will all the time reach your subscribers. As well as, the typical open rate for ConvertKit emails is an astonishing 30%, in accordance with their website.

Pricing: ConvertKit offers a free version of its platform, and custom pricing for enterprise-level businesses with over 365,000 subscribers.

3. Mailchimp

Best bulk email services, Mailchimp bulk email service

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Mailchimp is a wonderful email service for those just starting in email marketing. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and over 100 templates to pick from.

With their free plan, you may send as much as 10,000 emails monthly to 2,000 contacts — a super option for small to midsize businesses.

Then, as your small business grows, you may scale to the premium version. Here, you’ll have unlimited audiences, multivariate testing, and advanced segmentation with as much as 200,000 contacts.

Pricing: A free plan is out there. Paid plans range from $11 to $299 monthly.

4. Drip

Best bulk email services, Drip bulk email service

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If you’ve got an ecommerce business, consider Drip to your email marketing. The platform offers pre-built email templates you can customize and a user-friendly workflow builder for automation.

As well as, you may schedule automation based on actions your subscribers take (like viewing a product, abandoning their cart, and making a purchase order).

With Drip, you may easily integrate your online store (like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce) to make gathering data easier.

Pricing: Prices start at $19 and go up based in your variety of subscribers.

5. Insycle

Best bulk email services, Insycle customer data management service

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Insycle doesn’t fall under the e-mail provider list. Nonetheless, this software does work in tandem with providers like HubSpot and Mailchimp to maintain your contact list clean.

Considered one of the downsides of getting a subscriber list is the potential for duplicate contacts. This could impact your metrics and make it difficult to tailor your emails. Insycle means that you can clean your contacts in bulk, merge duplicate ones, and avoid overwriting data.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $5 monthly and scales as much as custom pricing based on the services you wish.

6. Sendinblue

Bulk email service from Sendinblue

Image Source

Sendinblue is probably the greatest bulk email services for small and huge businesses. A drag-and-drop editor is one in every of the must-have features for email service, and Sendinblue features probably the most powerful editors available on the market.

Except for that, the service has segmentation features that permit you send emails to a targeted audience. This feature helps to enhance overall engagement with customers.

Pricing: Sendinblue has free and premium plans. The free plan helps you to send as much as 300 emails each day, albeit with the Sendinblue watermark. The premium plan begins at $35 monthly.

7. Constant Contact

Bulk email service Constant ContactImage Source

Constant Contact is a bulk email service that’s great for small businesses and individuals. We love its simplicity and ease of use, features that make it great for beginners.

The service features inbuilt social media sharing tools, easy tracking and reporting, and integrations with ecommerce centers like Facebook and Shopify.

Its advanced features, like coupons, surveys, and event marketing automation, make it probably the greatest bulk email services.

Pricing: This bulk email service offers a 30-day free trial, which you may upgrade to a premium plan. Paid plans start at $10 monthly and may be further upgraded to the Email Plus plan for $45 monthly.

8. Mailmodo

Best bulk email services, Mailmodo

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Mailmodo offers a free plan that means that you can send as much as 10,000 emails monthly, making it a super selection for people and small businesses. Nonetheless, should you want more, you may pick from 4 premium plans which allow you to send more emails monthly.

Mailmodo’s no-code, drag-and-drop editor, makes crafting emails a breeze. Moreover, this bulk email service offers users several customizable templates.

For those who ever run into problems while using the service, Mailmodo offers 24/7 customer support.

Pricing: A free plan is out there. Premium plans start at $99 monthly.

9. AWebeBest bulk email service, AWeber

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AWeber is a versatile service that only charges users based on their variety of subscribers. This flexibility is one in every of the explanations some users prefer this service.

AWeber also has probably the most extensive libraries of customizable, mobile-responsive email templates. These templates help you create and send emails in a short time and simply.

The platform offers sales tracking and helps you to try the performance of your emails and subscriber information.

Pricing: The free plan means that you can routinely create emails from blog posts and send them to lots of of subscribers at a go. AWeber then charges users based on their variety of subscribers.

10. Mailgun

 Best bulk email service, Mailgun

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Mailgun’s email solutions for email marketing, tracking, parsing, and more make it probably the greatest bulk email services. As well as, Mailgun’s email API allows developers to simply integrate it into their apps.

Moreover, Mailgun’s email analytics feature ensures email delivery. There’s also an email validation feature to make sure your emails are sent without typos.

Pricing: Mailgun offers a free plan that permits sending as much as 10,000 monthly emails. You possibly can go for its premium plans which start at $35 monthly should you want much more features.

11. SendPulse

Best bulk email services, SendPulse

Image Source

SendPulse means that you can send emails, web push notifications, Facebook messages, and more.

With regards to emails, this service means that you can create responsive emails without writing a line of code. And should you prefer, you should use any of the 130+ templates available on the platform.

Moreover, SendPulse has a drag-and-drop editor that helps you to design subscription forms that may then be integrated into an internet site. Except for regular web sites, SendPulse also supports integration with PipeDrive, WordPress, Zapier, and other tools.

Pricing: SendPulse has a free version available, while paid plans start at $8 monthly.

12. Stripo

Best bulk email services, Stripo

Image Source

On the lookout for an all-in-one email design platform? Then it’s best to think about using Stripo.

This service offers lots of of easy-to-use email templates that make your emails look higher and help improve conversion rates.

Stripo gives users the tools they should create every type of emails. After creating the e-mail, Stripo helps you to test the way it’ll look on different platforms. You may also have colleagues or clients view potential emails before sending them off to subscribers.

Pricing: Stripo has 4 plans, from free to $95 monthly, priced in accordance with the variety of recipients and features.

13. SendGrid

Best bulk email services, SendGrid

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SendGrid is the go-to selection for users seeking to create and send transactional emails. It means that you can add contacts via CSV upload, signup forms, or APIs.

In line with its concentrate on transactional emails, SendGrid has features like anti-spam regulations to guard you and your subscribers.

Pricing: SendGrid has a free plan that helps you to send as much as 40,000 emails in the primary month and 100 emails each day. For more features, you’ll must upgrade to either the $19.95 or $89.95 monthly plans.

14. Mailjet

 Best bulk email services, Mailjet

Image Source

Our penultimate selection is a user-friendly bulk email service best for marketers and development teams. Mailjet has a drag-and-drop email builder that helps you to quickly create emails and templates.

Mailjet also features an interactive design so you may give team members access and allow them to work on it individually.

Email tracking helps you to monitor how your sent emails are doing. You possibly can check metrics reminiscent of email delivery, bounce rate, and open rate.

Pricing: For those who determine to make use of Mailjet, you may make a choice from a free plan that helps you to send as much as 6,000 emails or any of the 4 premium plans starting at $15 monthly.

15. Omnisend

Best bulk email services, Omnisend

Image Source

The last but not the least bulk email service on our list is Omnisend.

Omnisend combines emails, SMS, and other channels. You may also create customizable forms for collecting information from website visitors.

Omnisend makes it easy to divide subscribers into segments, improving the power to send the correct emails to them. With its all-in-one features, automation, and diverse template options, Omnisend is probably the greatest bulk email services of the yr.

Pricing: Latest users can use this service free of charge. Nonetheless, to totally benefit from the tool, you’ll must subscribe to a premium plan which is priced based on the variety of email recipients.

So that you’re ready to take a position in an email marketing service. These are the important thing features it’s best to search for in a bulk email service. A few of these features will only be available in a premium package. Others shall be included in the usual or free versions.

Here’s your complete guide with aspects to think about.

1. User Behavior Tracking

Reporting capabilities shall be the primary tool you’ll need in any bulk email service you choose. Because what’s the purpose of investing your time in designing and sending emails should you can’t see how they perform?

You must have the option to trace key email metrics, reminiscent of:

  • Open rate.
  • Unique clicks.
  • Click-to-open rate (CTOR).
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR).
  • Unsubscribe rate.
  • List growth rate.
  • Bounce rate.

Email providers with advanced reporting features also help you track revenue per subscriber and revenue per email.

2. Drag-and-Drop

Email drag and drop tool in bulk email service

A drag-and-drop tool makes designing your email easy. This intuitive feature means that you can select a component from the sidebar, like a picture, quote, or button, and drag it to a piece of your email.

This can prevent time as you identify one of the best flow to your email and move things around.

3. Email Segmentation and Personalization

Segmentation ensures that your emails are reaching the correct people at the correct time.

You must search for a bulk email service that means that you can segment your subscriber list based on the next:

  • Location
  • Actions taken in the e-mail
  • Purchase history
  • Sort of subscriber (e.g., prospect versus current customer)

You possibly can get higher engagement rates while you segment your list, because the content shall be more relevant to your recipients.

Moreover, personalization is one in every of the important thing aspects to improving email engagement and advancing customer relationships.

4. Split Testing

Split testing, also generally known as A/B testing, is an awesome option to understand what resonates together with your audience.

A/B test example in a bulk email service

Image Source

AThis feature is helpful should you need assistance generating high open rates and converting subscribers.

By testing out different subject lines and elements inside the body of your email, you may determine what works best.

5. Automation

Whenever you’re scaling your email list, the secret is automation.

Say you’ve got a content offer and wish to send an email sequence to leads after they download the offer. With an automation tool, you may pre-select which emails will exit, in what order, and after how much time for every email.

email automation example in bulk email service

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When you complete the setup, the automation does all of the give you the results you want — nurturing your subscribers and moving them through the customer’s journey.

This hands-off approach means that you can concentrate on strategy as a substitute of the tedious work of sending out emails. With automation, you may take the guesswork out of the method.

6. Design Templates

For those who’re like me, designing isn’t your forte. So, when designing an email, you’ll take all of the assist you to can get.

Bulk email service, design template example from HubSpot

Image Source

A design template based on the style of email you need to send can prevent time and make sure you’re following email best practices. This is especially helpful if you’ve got limited experience designing emails and are only starting out.

What’s great about having a template is that it’s a foundation. You possibly can customize it to suit your needs, but it surely provides a blueprint from which to work.

7. High Email Delivery Rates

Imagine you’re employed so hard on an email campaign, and it never reaches your subscribers’ inboxes. Frustrating, right?

That’s why verifying your provider’s email delivery rates is important. You’ll want to pick out a service with high email delivery rates. You wish something as near 100% as possible.

Grow Your Business

Knowing what to search for in an email service is half the battle.

Now that you’ve got an inventory of key features and a number of tools to pick from, yow will discover a platform to grow your email list and generate revenue.


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