Boost Your Trello Game with Cardbox’s Powerful Gmail Integration – Simplify Email Management and Maximize Productivity!


When you’re like most Trello users, you’re all the time looking out for solutions that could make your workflow more efficient and productive. Keeping track of emails while managing multiple projects on Trello is usually a daunting task, but with the best tools, it could be a breeze.

That’s where the powerful integration of Gmail and Trello is available in, and Cardbox is the right tool to allow you to achieve this. With Cardbox, you’ll be able to seamlessly manage your emails inside Trello, because of its user-friendly Gmail Trello integration. This manner, you’ll be able to keep your projects organized and increase productivity while minimizing the time spent on email management.

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Cardbox allows users to integrate their Gmail accounts with Trello boards. With Cardbox, you’ll be able to attach emails to Trello cards, view and reply to emails directly from Trello, and even create shared inboxes for team collaboration. The combination is designed to streamline your workflow by keeping all of your communications and project-related tasks in a single place.

Key Features of the Cardbox Trello Gmail Integration

1. Multiple Inboxes Per Board

Cardbox permits you to link multiple Gmail accounts to your Trello boards, enabling each personal (private) and team (shared) inboxes.

2. Real-Time Email Updates

Cardbox updates your emails in real-time, so that you’ll immediately see latest replies and updates in your Trello board.

3. Email-to-Card Conversion:

Robotically create Trello cards for emails that match a selected search filter, making it easy to prepare and track email-related tasks.

4. Reply to Emails from Trello:

Cardbox eliminates the necessity to modify between apps by allowing you to answer to emails directly out of your Trello board.

5. Email Attachment Support:

View files attached to emails directly on Trello, ensuring that each one relevant information is definitely accessible.

6. Collaboration and Privacy:

Collaborate on email drafts in real-time with team members, while keeping emails private by default until shared.

View emails and reply from Trello
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Create a shared inbox
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Create Trello cards from Gmail
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The best way to Use Cardbox to Add Trello to Gmail?

Getting began with Cardbox is straightforward and requires no steep learning curve. Here’s how you should utilize Cardbox to integrate Trello with Gmail:

  1. Launch the Trello app and seek for the Gmail by Cardbox power-up. Click “Add” to enable the power-up.
  2. Connect your Gmail accounts with Cardbox to start out integrating your emails with Trello.
  3. Open a Trello card and use the “Attach” button to connect an email to the cardboard. You may then assign the cardboard to team members for further motion.
  4. Use the Gmail by Cardbox button to view all of your emails, reply to them, and create latest Trello cards as needed.
  5. Optionally, you’ll be able to install the Gmail Add-on to create Trello cards directly out of your Gmail interface.

Pricing and Availability

Cardbox offers a free plan for private use, allowing individuals to make use of the power-up on three boards with as much as two inboxes. For teams, Cardbox is priced at $5 per member monthly. Teams may reap the benefits of a 30-day free trial to explore the features and advantages of the mixing.

Creating reporting on Trello

Final Thoughts

Cardbox is a robust tool that bridges the gap between Trello and Gmail, providing a unified platform for email and project management. Whether you’re a person facing email overload or a team seeking to improve collaboration and efficiency, Cardbox offers an answer that may enhance your productivity and simplify your workflow.

Integrating Trello and Gmail lets you centralize your communication and project management. With Cardbox, you’ll be able to take this a step further and seamlessly integrate Kanban email functionality with Trello. This permits you to manage your emails and tasks multi functional place, taking your productivity to the subsequent level. With Cardbox, you’ll be able to forward emails to your Trello board, create latest cards from emails, and even convert emails into Trello tasks.

So if you happen to’re in search of a technique to streamline your workflow and stay on top of your emails and tasks, try Cardbox and experience the ability of Kanban email integrated with Trello.


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