Here are the latest end user domain sales from Sedo


A supplements company, a network security provider and a storage company bought domain names.

Sedo’s top sales this week were crypto88 .com for $38,000 and for $35,000. It’s not clear who bought these yet, so I won’t chart them as end user purchases yet even though the prices suggest these aren’t investor purchases.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. €12,900 – BLT Lagertechnik GmbH sells storage products. It forward this domain to $12,000 – This is a big upgrade for BeMe supplements company. It forwards the domain to

123slot .com $8,750 – Yup, it’s a gaming site. $4,880 – LexCom is a technology company for auto parts. $5,500 – Knoword is “the game-based learning platform that makes teaching easier and learning vocabulary almost too fun for words.” Or so its site says. Fun name but it will be hard for people to remember and spell. So it’s a good thing they own, too. $5,000 – For now, this domain resolves to a page with a logo for The California Burger. €4,350 – FairFamily provides employee health perks to medium-sized businesses. Its website is €2,998 – I can’t translate the Italian, but the coffee imagery matches the name. €2,900 – This will be a site for a social media influencer agency. €2,500 – I don’t completely grasp what this company does, but it works with athletes. $2,000 – This is a typo acquisition for Perimeter 81, a network security company.


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