How we are able to enable you on your organization formation journey


We all know that starting an organization is a giant step. That’s why, if you will have any questions on your recent business, we’ve made it so simple as possible for you to seek out a transparent answer. On this post, we explore the several ways we are able to enable you, before, during, and after forming your organization. Let’s start.

The various ways to contact 1st Formations

It doesn’t matter where you’re on your small business journey, our dedicated team of experts is able to help. From providing advice on your organization to coping with questions on your particular service(s), we’re all the time joyful to help you. Pick the contact method that suits you, after which get in contact.

1. By telephone

Sometimes nothing beats a conversation. Now we have seven dedicated phone numbers, all manned by our London-based team, with each designed to cope with different enquiry types:

  • Customer Support & Sales: 020 3897 2233
  • Compliance and ID: 020 3955 7565
  • VAT & PAYE Registrations: 020 3955 7563
  • Confirmation Statements: 020 3984 5387
  • Company Secretarial Team: 020 3984 5387
  • Mail Team: 020 8036 5007
  • Service Renewals: 020 8036 5037

2. Email or message

Would you slightly send us an email? No problem. We may be contacted via

Alternatively, you possibly can send us an email directory through our Contact Us page, all that you must do is enter your name, email address, and query – then hit ‘Submit’. In each instances, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Live chat

Finally, in the event you want an quick answer to your query but would slightly not do it over the phone, we provide a ‘Live Chat’ facility.

Simply visit and wait for the blue chat icon to look on the bottom-right corner of your screen (this takes roughly 10 seconds). Click on this when it pops up, type your query/comment, and click on enter. A (real!) member of the team will reply to you in a matter of seconds.

Once your chat has concluded, you should have the choice to have a transcription of it emailed to you to your future reference.

A note in regards to the account holder

In the event you are an existing 1st Formations customer, we are able to only discuss matters referring to your organization and services with the person who we’ve named in your account. Likewise, if we’re in contact through email, we are able to only discuss an existing company/service with the e-mail address that we hold on record.

10 other ways 1st Formations can enable you

Now that we’ve ticked off the ways that you could get in contact with us, let’s take a have a look at the opposite resources which can be available to enable you.

1. Take a look at our FAQs

Now we have helped form over 1 million UK firms. This has given us an excellent idea in regards to the specific questions that business owners-to-be and existing customers have.

In turn, this has enabled us to construct a comprehensive collection of ‘Quick Answers’. You could find these in your Online Company Manager, on the foremost dashboard screen. The questions (and answers) are broken up into five useful categories:

  • My Order
  • Company Formation
  • Address Services
  • Non-UK Residents
  • ID Requirements

So, in the event you suspect that your query can have come up before, log in to the Online Company Manager and have a look.

2. Use the Package Selector Tool

We provide ten company formation packages, so we understand in the event you’re struggling to select the package that’s best for you. This potential conundrum is precisely why we built the Package Selector Tool.

All that you must do is visit our ‘Compare company formation packages’ page and click on on the ‘Package Selector Tool’ link (or the ‘Help me select’ button on the appropriate).

You’ll immediately be presented with a series of multi-choice questions, resembling ‘What variety of company do you desire to arrange?’, ‘Is maintaining the privacy of your private home address vital?’, and ‘Would you want our team of company experts to file your confirmation statement?’.

At the top of the method – it can only take a minute – we’ll recommend the corporate formation package or packages that best fit your answers.

3. The ‘Arrange a Company in 4 Easy Steps’ webpage

We’ve broken the corporate formation process down into 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Select an organization name
  • Step 2: Select a package
  • Step 3: Checkout
  • Step 4: Enter your organization details

On the ‘Arrange a Company in 4 Easy Steps’ page, we offer the small print behind each of those steps, including the choice to envision the provision of your chosen company name.

This demonstrates just how easy the corporate formation process is, and is an awesome jumping-off point for your small business adventure in the event you’ve not formed your organization yet. Start now by typing in your proposed company name!

4. The ‘Information Required to Set Up a Company’ webpage

Unsure of what you do and don’t have to offer when forming your organization? Look no further.

This page is your organization formation checklist. It’s  broken up into 7 handy sections, with each section explaining exactly what information you could enter when establishing your organization:

  1. Registered Office
  2. Business Activity
  3. Director’s Details
  4. Shareholders’ Details (where the shareholder is a Person with Significant Control)
  5. Shareholders’ Details (where a shareholder shouldn’t be a Person with Significant Control)
  6. Secretary Details (in the event you want to appoint a secretary)
  7. Person with Significant Control Details

Have a look now: Information Required to Set Up a Company

5. Our Help and Advice section

The world of ‘company formations’ and ‘limited firms’ is large, with a wealth of data on the market. Now we have created quite a lot of pages on our website designed to offer essential information in the best possible way.

These pages, when teamed with the opposite resources highlighted on this post, mean that our website truly is your one-stop shop for the whole lot to do with starting and growing a business.

By hovering over the Help & Advice menu, you will note links to the next pages:

Simply click the links to view the pages in full.

6. Take a have a look at our blog

The first Blog hosts articles on an enormous array of topics, all under the subject material of ‘business’. In the event you suspect that your query is erring more towards general advice, it could prove to be a useful resource.

Below are only a few of the articles that we’ve written:

There are tons of of blogs available. and our dedicated team of writers is adding recent articles on a weekly basis – so it pays to go to the blog frequently.

So, in the event you are searching for assistance on a selected topic, visit the foremost blog page and kind a keyword or keyphrase within the ‘Search Blog’ function. You’ll then see every blog that mentions said keyword/keyphrase.

7. Our YouTube channel

In the event you’re big into video, excellent news – so are we.

Our YouTube channel is a visible extension of our blog, where you possibly can watch videos on an enormous range of topics – all presented by our in-house company expert, Nicholas Campion.

The main target of our channel is to offer practical advice on starting and constructing (and shutting!) your organization. Listed here are just just a few of the titles that Nick has covered:

Just like the blog, our channel is consistently being updated, so be sure you subscribe to the 1st Formations channel to make sure you never miss out.

And don’t forget, we love feedback, so be at liberty to go away comments (and questions) on the videos and we’ll get back to you promptly.

8. Helpful Videos

The YouTube channel isn’t the one outlet for our video content. There’s also the dedicated ‘Helpful Videos’ section on our website – where we host nearly 50 videos, split up into easy-to-understand categories, including:

  • Company Formation
  • Directors and Secretaries
  • Shares and Shareholders
  • Startup Advice
  • Business Suggestions
  • Finance & Tax
  • About Corporations
  • Staying Compliant

Take a have a look at our ‘Helpful Videos’ now!

9. Our newsletter

Carry on top of the most recent business (and 1st Formations) news by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

Get brand recent blog posts, exclusive special offers, competitions (with seriously good prizes), and interactive/educational features sent straight to your inbox.

In the event you’ve not subscribed, you’re missing out. The newsletter is the best possible approach to be sure you’re within the loop in terms of all things 1st Formations.

Subscribe to the newsletter now by following these easy steps:

  1. Log in to the Online Company Manager
  2. Select ‘My Details’
  3. Tick the ‘Newsletter’ box and click on ‘Update Details’

You’ll then be added to our mailing list!

10. Social media

We’re energetic on all the most important social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Across the platforms, we share business suggestions and advice in bite-sized chunks.

But it surely’s not nearly us. We love to listen to from our customers, whether it’s feedback on a service, a comment on a selected blog post, or simply an update on how business goes, we’re all the time keen to have interaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us via the links below, now:

So there you will have it

As you possibly can see, there are many ways in which we are able to enable you –  before, during, and after forming your organization.

We hope you will have found this post helpful.

One final way that you could reach out, which we’ve not yet covered, is to go away a comment on our blog. With that in mind, in the event you do have any questions on this post, please don’t hesitate to go away your feedback and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!


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