14 more end user domain sales at Sedo


A gin distiller, a sneaker company, and a couple of solar power companies bought domain names.

Sedo’s top sale this past week was gov.de. It doesn’t resolve yet, and I’m unsure who bought it.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

FactoryLab.com $18,000 – FCTRY Lab, a sneaker company in LA, must have realized its domain (fctrylab.com) fails the radio test.

Renais.com $12,980 – Renais Gin forwards this domain to the matching .co.uk domain.

Evermax.com $8,888 – Evermax is an electronics manufacturer. It forwards this domain to evermax.cz.

InvestorNews.com €8,000 – InvestorIntel Corp, a financial media company, acquired this domain.

Intelogix.com $7,900 – GC Services, a business process outsourcing business, bought this domain name. It recently filed an intent-to-use trademark application for Intelogix for a customer service platform.

Hireline.com $7,495 – Hireline helps companies find job candidates through programmatic advertising.

MarketingLeader.com €5,000 – This is a much shorter domain than what it forwards to: marketingleadershipmasterclass.com. A smart purchase.

PushBlack.com $4,999 – PushBlack is a non-profit media organization for black audiences.

TTG.us $3,900 – Thompson Truck Group in Nashville bought this domain.

MWsolar.com $3,799 – This is a solar power company in Brazil.

Redical.com $3,000 – This domain forwards to the matching .co.uk domain, which is currently under development.

GrantEquipment.com $2,999 – Grant Equipment Company is a heavy equipment company in Cuba City, WI.

WonderWatt.com $2,699 – Wonder Watt offers a solar power optimization system.

P10Y.com €2,000 – P10Y provides software to help software developers.






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