What’s a Brand Champion? Easy methods to Leverage Them for Your Business


There’s nothing higher than having people cheering for you on the sidelines and advocating for you within the rooms you’re not in, especially as a business owner.

That’s where a brand champion is available in as someone who promotes your corporation to others and helps organically grow your loyalty base.

Let’s dive into why you would like brand champions, find out how to get them, and find out how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

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Brand champions will be business owners, brand ambassadors, chief brand officers, employees, and customers. Anybody who advocates in your company is usually a brand champion.

The Advantages of Brand Champions

Brand champions do wonders in your public image. They sing the praises of your brand in a way that doesn’t feel like an commercial. Below are among the top advantages of working with a brand champion.

The Benefits of Brand Champions. Brand champions boost word-of-mouth marketing. Brand champions save time and resources. Anyone can be a brand champion.

1. Brand champions boost word-of-mouth marketing.

Few marketing channels are more impactful than word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM), when people organically spread the word a few brand or product. This kind of marketing is an awesome approach to gain the trust of people that aren’t already customers.

The truth is, 88% of people trust recommendations from people they know greater than every other channel, in response to a survey by Nielsen.

Brand champions are those behind this traction and promotion, so take a possibility to hone in on these individuals if you need to reap the benefits of WOMM.

2. Brand champions save time and resources.

Brand champions generate organic buzz around your corporation. That’s one less a part of your marketing budget that you may have to fret about. Sure, you might offer them a reduction code or referral link, but that’s pennies compared to promoting spending.

3. Anyone is usually a brand champion.

Depending on the dimensions of your corporation, you might have one or several champions. Sometimes, that role is embedded in your staff’s responsibilities.

As an illustration, an employer brand specialist is liable for promoting an organization’s culture and advantages to outside candidates. That, in itself, is a variety of brand champion, as their role is centered around campaigning in your brand.

In a small company, the business owner will be the brand champion, motivating employees internally and networking externally to achieve more customers.

You possibly can say the identical for brand ambassadors who partner with businesses to advertise them and generate leads. Nonetheless, here there may be a contractual obligation for ambassadors to advertise your brand. Champions could also be incentivized to achieve this, but they’re not required to have a good time your brand.

The important thing takeaway is that anyone is usually a brand champion, and the more champions your brand has, the stronger it’ll be.

Common Forms of Brand Champions

A brand champion isn’t someone you may have to go looking for or recruit. Again and again, your best brand champions already play one other role in your corporation. Below, let’s go over probably the most common sorts of brand champions so you realize who to search for.


Start searching for brand champions internally. Employees will be your brand’s biggest fans, but only in the event that they’re blissful and engaged.

Studies show that how businesses treat their employees plays an enormous role in how trustworthy they appear. Especially in times of crisis, consumers have a look at how brands treat their very own.

To create brand champions out of your employees, start by specializing in employer branding. Employer branding is a form of promoting by which the audience is candidates inquisitive about joining your organization.

While the first focus is on talent recruitment, employer branding can create a really positive perception of your brand to consumers as a secondary result.

Company Culture at HubSpot.

Image Source

We’ve mentioned how vital employees are when constructing brand trust. If consumers think you mistreat your employees or place profit over people, this will tarnish your brand image.

Internally, your employer branding specialist develops the strategies to showcase your internal brand champions. They’ll highlight exceptional employees and pass them the mic in order that they can share their experience with potential candidates.

At HubSpot, we’ve got @HubSpotLife on Instagram, where we post worker takeovers, our Culture Code, and more.

This channel is a possibility for our employees to inform the world about why they love working at HubSpot and share their personal experiences.

hubspot life instagram postImage Source


Your customers will be your brand’s best advocates. Give it some thought: Your customers already know what your brand stands for, what it offers, and the way it treats its customers.

In the event that they’ve had a positive experience with all the above, then they’re more more likely to champion your brand.

When customers organically advocate in your brand, it is a powerful type of word-of-mouth marketing. The truth is, 55% of consumers find out about a product through word of mouth, which matches to indicate how a seemingly easy suggestion or testimonial could make an impact.

To assist boost your brand’s WOMM, nurture your customer relationships to make sure they proceed having a positive experience along with your brand and shall be more more likely to spread the word.

A happy customer leaves a review on Google, organically becoming a brand champion for this small business.

Image Source

For those who’re running a campaign and wish to incorporate testimonials, reach out to your top supporters and ask them to participate.

You might repurpose those self same testimonials in your website, landing pages, and more.

 brand champion testimonial

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One other approach to amplify your champions’ voices is by offering them custom referral codes.

When your champion refers someone to your brand, they and the recipient get a reduction on their next purchase. And also you gain a latest customer — it’s a win-win-win.

Social Media Followers

Consider your social media followers as brand champions in training. They already like your brand — that’s why they’re following you.

The more you nurture your relationship with them and construct a community, the more loyal they’ll develop into. Eventually, they’ll turn into brand champions.

Positive social media content around your brand provides act as helpful case studies. Social proof is a approach to gain trust from consumers who’re uncertain about your brand, whether or not they are considering a purchase order or following you on Instagram.

A happy follower comments on an Instagram post from the brand The Fond Home, acting as a brand champion.

Image Source

Listen to people who find themselves advocating in your brand on social media and find ways to interact with them even further.

There are countless ways to interact your community on social media, including:

  • Responding to comments.
  • Creating private groups.
  • Creating polls and surveys.
  • Conducting Q&As.
  • Going live along with your followers.
  • Reposting user-generated content.

What You Need Before Creating Brand Champions

There are just a few prerequisites you would like before you possibly can start leveraging brand champions for your corporation. With these prerequisites in place, you’ll have an excellent greater likelihood of seeing success along with your brand champion marketing.

Clear Vision, Mission, and Values

As with all marketing initiative, a deep understanding of your brand’s vision, mission, and values is critical.

These branding essentials will help guide every thing you do, from choosing the suitable brand champions to relaying the messaging you need to be shared about your corporation.

brand champion mission

Image Source

For those who’re unclear about what your mission is or what values your brand stands for, then your customers or employees shall be, too.

Sentiment Understanding

Whether you would like your brand champions to be current employees or customers, you may have to first understand how these individuals feel about your brand.

If you need to create brand champions internally, start by conducting regular worker net promoter rating (eNPS) surveys. It will let you know how satisfied your employees are and let you realize how you possibly can higher support them.

brand champion, enps. On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend our company as a workplace?

When you discover opportunities for improvement, make sure you follow through with motion to let your employees know their voices are heard and brought seriously.

You possibly can do the identical thing with customers. Select a handful of shoppers who would make good brand champions and have them take a survey or take part in a spotlight group to gather feedback.

brand champion, nps. On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend our company?

Having these insights into brand sentiment gives you a start line when selecting the suitable brand champions and understanding how they will best advocate your brand.


Before you possibly can have brand champions working toward success with you, you could have the suitable systems in place. This may require a bit of more effort and structural implementations for those who want your employees to develop into brand champions.

For instance, you need to create an environment that creates blissful employees, because blissful employees make great champions who will boost your brand without you even asking.

It’s like while you love a product you’ve just bought. You’ll find any opportunity to inform people how much you like it — even for those who don’t have a ten% referral discount code.

If your organization is publicly traded, consider offering your employees restricted stock units (RSUs). RSUs are stocks given to employees as a type of compensation with a vesting schedule that may span anywhere from one to just a few years after the worker’s start date.

Giving your employees an equity stake in your organization can construct their loyalty to your organization and have them invested in its growth.

Other ways to show your employees into brand champions include:

  • Providing skilled development opportunities.
  • Investing in diversity and inclusion initiatives, reminiscent of worker resource groups (ERGs).
  • Creating psychological safety.

The identical ideas will be applied to customers that you need to be brand champions for your corporation. Have a structure or system in place before bringing on these brand champions. The system should make it easy for brand champions to advocate or share promos about your corporation.

For instance, you may create a referral discount code for purchasers to share on social media.

Or, create a channel that helps communicate to brand champions when you may have product launches or major announcements coming up that you just want them to allow you to share.

Tap Into Your Brand Champions

When leveraged in the suitable ways, brand champions will be powerful advocates for your corporation.

These individuals — whether or not they’re employees or customers — create an organic channel that helps spread awareness about your brand and paints your corporation in a positive light.


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