When Does Your Company’s Website Need A ‘Coming Soon’ Page?


By Daman Jeet, co-founder of FunnelKit, a collection of sales tools that helps over 18,000+ businesses streamline their checkout process.

Are you wondering if your enterprise may gain advantage from a “coming soon” page? In that case, you’re likely not alone.

This marketing tool could make it easy to coach your audience, grow your lead list and connect with individuals who might find value in your services or products.

Because the name implies, a coming soon page gives users a teaser of stuff you and your team are working on. If someone is genuinely interested by a recent services or products, they will subscribe via your sign-up form so that they can stay awake thus far.

Through my company’s work providing sales tools to e-commerce businesses, I’ve found that the error many marketers make is assuming they don’t need a coming soon page once their site is live. The reality is, this kind of landing page may be helpful no matter your industry or how long you’ve been in business.

Below are 4 situations when a coming soon page will help your enterprise.

1. You’re launching a brand recent website.

Probably the most common instance when a coming soon page would come in useful is if you’re launching a brand recent website. I’ve seen that many business leaders create a standalone landing page while they prepare the remaining of their site for the general public.

Use this chance to ask visitors to hitch your email list so that they can receive updates along the best way. You may even incentivize users further by giving early subscribers an exclusive coupon on launch day.

When developing a coming soon page in this example, it’s vital to offer visitors enough information to care about your website. Avoid generalized statements, and as an alternative give attention to addressing your target market’s goals, pain points and wishes.

2. You’re expanding your product catalog.

You may also use a coming soon page to advertise a recent services or products.

For instance, let’s say you’re the owner of an email marketing software-as-a-service solution, but, recently, you selected to dive in and tackle social media marketing. You choose you would like to keep your first site email-specific, so that you create a recent brand and website in your social media marketing software. As an alternative of hoping visitors will stumble across your site, you’ll be able to add a coming soon page so existing visitors will know your recent product is within the works.

The important thing to maximizing early conversions with this strategy is to offer users time to enroll and anticipate your product. A coming soon page that’s only up for per week won’t get much traction. Meanwhile, people will completely ignore your brand in case you leave a coming soon page up for six months.

As a general rule of thumb, I suggest promoting your landing page for one to a few months before launch.

3. You’re within the strategy of rebranding.

Rebranding is the strategy of changing details about your organization, reminiscent of the emblem, products or color scheme. There are many explanation why an organization might need to rebrand. Common causes include the next:

• Modernizing the corporate to fulfill today’s socioeconomic standards

• Separating the corporate from a sea of competitors

• Expanding market reach (much like making a recent product)

• Creating distance between negative associations

Some rebrands don’t change much, reminiscent of Apple dropping the word “computers” from its name in 2007. But other rebrands are a bit more drastic. Consider Starbucks, as an illustration, which dropped its entire name from its logo and stuck with the enduring siren.

No matter the dimensions of your organization, you shouldn’t change from one brand to the following overnight. Consider making a coming soon page to attach with users and allow them to know what changes are coming in the longer term. Keeping your audience informed will prevent them from panicking after they see a shiny recent logo in your site the following time they visit.

4. You’re constructing interest in other marketing platforms.

Finally, coming soon pages can show you how to construct interest around other marketing platforms. As an illustration, in case you’re a recent business owner and establishing your email list for the primary time, it’s best to create a coming soon page so users know what’s in store for them in the event that they join.

You should use this strategy for growing social media channels, too. Let’s say you would like to start a gaggle on LinkedIn, but you would like to construct a community around the thought first. Including a landing page that explains what you hope to realize with a community will help your message resonate with users.

Some business owners use this technique to promote upcoming partnerships. Coming soon pages are extremely helpful on this context since it links your organization to a different reputable brand, which acts as social proof.

Back To You

As you’ll be able to see, there are many instances when a coming soon page can assist business leaders and marketers. An important thing to recollect is these pages are designed to appeal to your audience. Whether you’re rebranding, offering a recent product or starting a recent website, users need to understand how interacting along with your brand will help them reach their goals, and a coming soon page will help.


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