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When implementing your social media strategy, it is easy to comprehend that manually posting on multiple different web sites, multiple times a day, is not optimal to your busy schedule. But it surely’s hard to inform from a baseline or pricing page which tools aren’t only the very best for efficiency but best for what you are promoting.

As an alternative of spending hours of additional research combing through all your options and sitting through countless demos and free trials, we have compiled an inventory of the very best social media dashboards that suit your budget and brand.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What’s a Social Media Dashboard

Keeping track of social media activity might be difficult if you happen to don’t have the appropriate tools. A social media dashboard is a tool that consolidates your social media accounts and activity in a single place. With a social media dashboard, you’ll give you the option to create and schedule posts, execute promoting campaigns, and track performance.

What to Include in Your Social Media Dashboard

There are some key features to search for in a social media dashboard. They include:

  • Scheduling: Plan and queue future posts for multiple social platforms.
  • Trends evaluation: Stay on top of the most recent trends by monitoring keywords and hashtags.
  • Competitive evaluation: Monitor brand and competitor mentions.
  • Messaging: Audience engagement is vital for any business. A social media dashboard allows you to quickly reply to messages from one place.
  • Reporting: Reporting features like customizable dashboards allow you to share insights along with your team and stakeholders.

These social media dashboards are optimized for each variety of SMB; whether you are a social media team or a celebration of 1, these apps will provide help to accomplish your goals in a streamlined, efficient way.

1. HubSpot

Price: Included in Professional version ($800/mo) or Enterprise version ($3,200/mo)

Why it’s great: All-in-one social media software

With HubSpot’s social media management tool, you get an all-inclusive package. Connect as much as 300 accounts and schedule as much as 10,000 posts a month. Plus, for super in-depth planners, you’ll be able to schedule posts as much as 3 years upfront.

HubSpot social media software

Get started with the HubSpot Social Media Dashboard.

HubSpot’s social media management features include monitoring mentions and engagement, and provides full analytic reports. You are in a position to schedule posts multi functional place without leaving the system.


  • Schedule posts
  • Monitor mentions and engagement
  • Report on metrics

2. Later

Price: $9, $19, $29, $49 per month, and enterprise pricing

Why it’s great: Instagram scheduling

While you’ll be able to connect Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles, Later is best for Instagram scheduling. It’s because of its image-based content calendar scheduling, so you’ll be able to see a bird’s eye view of your brand in a monthly, visual format.

later scheduling example

Image Source

Later can be an Instagram partner, which suggests it integrates with Instagram’s API. This partnership means your account information will stay completely secure, which is significant for Instagram Business accounts which have Shopping arrange.


  • Feed preview before posting
  • Discover optimal posting times
  • Hashtag recommendations

3. Sendible

Price: $29 up to $299 per month

Why it’s great: Agency-based management

Are you a social media or marketing agency? Sendible will be the answer to unkempt management: it is a tool fit for an agency with clients. It helps you streamline the way you manage brands and offers a pair unique features that provide help to succeed.

sendible report example

Image Source

Sendible has a royalty-free image search tool and a Canva integration. Sendible also has social listening tools, a Reports function, scheduling, and post previews. To place it simply: it is a full dashboard and suite of tools to place your client accounts multi functional place.


  • Reply to messages, comments, and mentions from one place
  • Automated reports
  • Content suggestions

4. Tailwind

Price: $9.99 up to $799.99 per month, or enterprise pricing

Why it’s great: Pinterest and Instagram management

Tailwind is a really unique program, providing services for 2 apps normally not paired with one another: Pinterest and Instagram. It is sensible, nevertheless, considering each apps give attention to visual multimedia. Offering a full media dashboard with scheduling, social listening, and analytics tools, Tailwind also has a couple of interesting program-specific services.

tailwind report example

Image Source

First, it gives suggestions about how one can improve Instagram and Pinterest performance. It also comes with a technique to promote Pinterest content and manage Instagram user-generated content. In case your brand is heavily focused on visuals, Tailwind could also be best for you.


  • Create social posts, including images
  • Hashtag finder

5. Sprout Social

Price: $99 up to $249 per user per month

Why it’s great: Team-based management

Sprout Social is a dashboard platform that is focused entirely on social media teams. What you get to your money is a full suite of tools, including options that mean you can create and schedule posts, social listening tools, and most of all: analytic data.

sprout social report example

Image Source

The analytic tools are the shining star of Sprout Social. Expansive, in-depth reporting is accessible. If that is a spotlight to your brand, consider Sprout. They make the reports so skilled and straightforward to read, there is not any editing required.


  • Discover industry trends and influencers
  • Discover best send times

6. MeetEdgar

Price: $49/month

Why it’s great: 100% automated scheduling

MeetEdgar is an app with a distinct approach to social media management, is. All users do is upload categorically-based content into their account and create time slots for after they want their account to post said content.

meetedgar category example

Image Source

Then, in response to the time slots and categories, the app will schedule and upload content. In the event you want your Twitter account to post a meme at 11 AM on a Thursday, MeetEdgar would search through the “Meme” category of content you’ve got already uploaded, schedule, and post it.

Managers might like this selection, in the event that they do not have enough time to always schedule and upload content. They’ll plug of their entire content calendar at the beginning of the month and take away the heavy lifting for the following few weeks.


  • A/B test posts
  • Content library to save lots of and store posts

Post-enhancing dashboards similar to these can maintain your social strategy without losing any of quality.

1. TweetDeck

Price: Free
Why it’s great: Twitter dash management

TweetDeck is amazing if you happen to’re bored with flipping forwards and backwards through the several tabs on Twitter. It’s a free extension of twitter (no download required) that routinely gives you your account’s Home, Notifications, Trending, and Messages in a dashboard view.

tweetdeck dsahboard example

Image Source

This app is very handy for posting quickly. You’ll be able to engage along with your Twitter in-app, and it appears like a much faster approach to running your account than the in-browser functionality . Plus, TweetDeck routinely updates with any latest notifications.


  • Single dashboard view
  • Immediately view updates

2. TubeBuddy

Price: Free plan, or $9 up to $49 per month
Why it’s great: YouTube management

If you’ve a big YouTube presence, consider TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy offers a hefty suite of perks to present a full dashboard. Categories include video dashboard, video search engine marketing, bulk processing, promotion, data & research, and productivity.

tubebuddy card template

Image Source

The screenshot above features certainly one of TubeBuddy’s card template features. Card templates streamline the technique of uploading and finalizing YouTube videos, making it easier to sort videos right into a playlist in your channel.

You’ll be able to install this system at no cost on Chrome, working kind of like an extension. The free plan gives you access to analytics, productivity, and search engine marketing tools to start. TubeBuddy can be a YouTube Partner and integrates with Alexa.


  • Brand alerts
  • A/B testing
  • AI Title Generator

3. MavSocial

Price: Free plan, or $19 up to $499 per month
Why it’s great: Visual-based streamlined management

That is an important post-enhancing tool. MavSocial has a give attention to visual-based management, and as such, offers unique perks, like editing multimedia content and a stock photo digital library. With the editing tools, you’ll be able to add filters to your photos, crop, and seek for royalty-free images.

mavsocial dashboard example

Image Source

On top of all of this, MavSocial has a full dashboard suite, meaning you’ll be able to schedule content and interact with followers. MavSocial supports YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The app can be an Instagram Partner.


  • Create campaigns
  • Automate evergreen content

4. Hootsuite

Price: Free plan, or $29 up to $599 per month
Why it’s great: All-in-one social media management

Hootsuite is a preferred social media tool and boasts over 15 million users. The free plan permits you to add three social accounts from different platforms on one screen and has a limit on what number of posts can be found to make.

hootsuite dashboard example

Image Source

While user-friendly, Hootsuite is an expansive app. You’ll be able to create ads, running an ROI report on those ads, and likewise has options to schedule and create posts. Note that you would be able to only post in your Instagram using the scheduler, if you’ve an Instagram Business account.


  • Publish and schedule posts
  • Canva templates
  • Hashtag suggestions

Every business is exclusive, and so is every social media dashboard. Due to that, finding the very best fit might be daunting. Covering all of your bases might be simplified with a social media dashboard, in addition to constructing a community and social presence.

If you desire to take a crack at constructing your personal content calendar that’ll provide help to plan your social media posts, try our article here.


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