DNWE makes changes to marketplace and domain submission


DNWE made some big changes a few days ago to its marketplace and the domain name submission flow to both curated and non-curated domains for sale.

Here are all the changes:

One Marketplace

Now there’s only one single marketplace and all domains, both Curated and Non-Curated, show up in the same place.

Curated domains: Bold font and a gold icon next to them.

Curated filter: Toggle it on to only see Curated domains.

One Submission Flow

Now all domains can be listed on the marketplace right away without any delays or without needing to wait for them to be reviewed. The submission process is now less confusing and much quicker for all levels of domains!


We’re still going to be curating the best domains and deals but just doing it differently now, in a more time-friendly manner for everyone. Here’s how the new curation process works:

Step 1) Domains are submitted by sellers and immediately listed on the marketplace. All new listings are Non-Curated by default.

Step 2) The DNWE team will periodically look through all the live domain listings and if we see something we feel is good enough quality to be Curated and also priced at or close to wholesale, we’ll tag it as such.

To get more specific, if we like a domain and its wholesale price we’ll tag it as Curated and it’ll become so right away. If we like a domain but feel the price is too high to be considered wholesale we’ll tag it as Curated but suggest a lower price and then give the seller the option of either accepting the move to Curated at the reduced price or keeping the name as Non-Curated at its current price.

If we tag one of your domains as Curated you’ll be notified immediately via email so you’re aware of the great news!

Benefits of your domain becoming Curated:

Increased visibility due to bold font, gold icon, showing up when the curated filter is toggled on, and notification emails sent out to buyers.

Sell Section Changes

Now there are just two domain lists in your Sell section, Active Domains and Expired Listings.

Please note, if a Non-Curated domain is pending your approval to become Curated at a reduced price you’ll see a notification by the domain in your Active Domains list that says “Curated Approval Required”. Clicking on that text will open a small popup window with more details.


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