Dynadot opposes ENS’s request to transfer eth.link


Registrar says it would allow ENS to escape jurisdiction.

Dynadot has told a court that allowing Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to transfer eth.link to another registrar would allow it to escape jurisdiction. It’s asking the court (pdf) to deny the request.

ENS and Virgil Griffith sued Dynadot in September 2022 after the registrar sold the domain for $852,000 in an expired domain name auction. Griffith is in jail for helping North Korea evade sanctions and could not renew the domain.

The court issued a preliminary injunction in ENS’ favor that ordered the domain to be transferred to the plaintiffs pending the outcome of the case.

Dynadot transferred the domain to the plaintiffs but put a transfer lock on it to prevent it from being transferred to another registrar.

ENS didn’t complain about the lock until a DNS abuse took eth.link down at the end of March. Dynadot temporarily removed the nameservers for the domain upon receipt of the complaint but restored them hours later.

Concerned that Dynadot could take the site down again, ENS asked the court to allow it to move the domain to another domain name registrar.

Yesterday, Dynadot filed an objection to ENS request. It says that, should ENS be allowed to transfer the domain, it could move it to a registrar outside the court’s jurisdiction, effectively ending the case in ENS’ favor.

It also says that its response to phishing complaints involving ENS were appropriate and its investigation was required by ICANN rules. It says the downtime was approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.

It turns out that the phishing complaint was about a .eth site. Because eth.link resolves .eth sites in normal browsers, someone complained about a third level domain that resolves through eth.link.


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