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When is the last time you updated your website? What about the last time you checked on the performance of your website?

As your #1 sales and marketing asset, you should update your website regularly (at least monthly). Your prospects are navigating your website on their own before they’re ever going to talk to someone. They need to be able to see who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. They need clear action items. And most importantly, they need to see information that is accurate and up to date.

You can not just leave your website alone once you launch it. Protect the investment you made. Capitalize on the asset you’ve built. (Plus, it’s a huge security risk to leave your site as is.)

Three key areas to keep up to date on your website on an ongoing basis:


This is one of the biggest things and the one that often gets forgotten, which is why I’ve put it first. So many people do not regularly update plugins or their CMS. This matters for both performance and security. Check for those updates often and don’t just leave the notifications – do something about them. 


The world around us is changing. Your business is changing. Your content has to stay up to date to accurately reflect who you are as a business. Have your service offerings changed or evolved? The last few years have meant a lot of changes for a lot of B2B companies. If your website isn’t updated to reflect that, your prospects are likely seeing inaccurate information.

Data Collection 

Data and analytics on your website allow you to better understand your audience and how they’re using the site. This informs decisions that lead to conversions and achieving business objectives. Are you collecting the right data that aligns with your business objectives? 

We’re also just months away from the start of Google Analytics 4. If your website is still tied to universal analytics – those are all going away by July 1 of this year. You must migrate to Google Analytics 4 before then. You can read more about the new analytics here or here. 

Head over to https://pagespeed.web.dev/ to see how your site is performing today. This quick tool shows you how Google sees your site, which has a direct impact on where your site shows up in search results when potential prospects are searching for businesses like yours.

If there are gaps in your performance or you’d like to discuss updating your website, contact our team here.


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