Energy becomes a more popular sector for employment among Thai students


Attractive benefits and good workplace culture dominate the career priority list, while Google and PTT remain the most desired employers in Thailand.

Thailand, May 10th, 2023 – Universum has released the Thailand edition of Universum Talent Research 2023, its global annual talent survey that looks into the future workforce’s preferences for employment. In this year’s survey, tourism and hospitality remained the most preferred industry among business students given the full border reopening worldwide last year. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector was the top choice for engineering students. However, there was also a growing interest in the energy industry following increasing efforts across the country toward sustainability. The energy sector increased in popularity as an industry of choice for employment by 19% for engineering students and by 3.9% for business and commerce students.

“The growing popularity of the energy sector among Thai students aligns with the ongoing efforts toward sustainability by both public and private sectors, with a strong focus on the production and adoption of renewable power sources. It is clear that young talent today cares about this and wants to be part of creating a greener and more sustainable future. Employers that communicate clear policies and business goals towards sustainability will more likely attract their interest,” said Mike Parsons, APAC Managing Director at Universum.

The three most sought-after industries for employment for business and commerce students were tourism and hospitality (33%), market research (28%), and advertising (27%). Meanwhile, manufacturing (35%), computer software and technology (30%), and IT and engineering consulting (28%) topped the list for engineering students.

Google remained the most ideal employer for business and commerce students, followed by GMM Grammy, Uniqlo, and LINE Corporation. For engineering students, PTT was the most desirable employer, followed by Google, Siam Cement Group, and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

Importance of meeting Thai students’ preferences on benefits and workplace culture

While a majority of Thai students were interested in remote working, they were concerned about overextending themselves (48%) and failing to maintain the work-life balance they desire.

Competitive base salaries and benefits packages remained the most crucial factors for Thai students seeking employment. However, Thai students are also increasingly interested in companies that provide a friendly work environment, secure employment, flexible working conditions, encourage work-life balance, high-performance focus, respect for their employees, and a clear path for career advancement. 

“As the job market becomes more competitive, it is important for employers to take note of these preferences to keep attracting young talent. Apart from offering competitive salaries and benefits, employers should also focus on creating a supportive and engaging work environment that values employee well-being, flexibility, inclusivity, and career advancement. By implementing effective policies and promoting these values as part of their corporate culture, employers will be able to attract top talent and build a strong reputation as an employer of choice in the Thai market,” Parsons said.

Thai students turn to Facebook to learn more about employers

In terms of communication channels, 80% of Thai students said they usually go through a potential employer’s social media channels, particularly Facebook, when they want to learn more about the company. The top three topics students want to know more about in a company are diversity and inclusion, salary and benefits, and career advancement opportunities. These topics not only grab the students’ attention, but they are also essential to their decision-making process when it comes to choosing a future employer.

“Employers are encouraged to focus on these topics when posting on their online channels, as students visit their digital channels to learn about their culture and values. Thai students also want to know the thoughts of a company’s leaders on workplace values and business plans. Employers can tailor their branding communication by promoting these key areas online so they can effectively engage with Thai students and showcase their commitment to creating a supportive workplace culture while providing career growth opportunities in their respective industries,” Parsons added.

When it comes to salaries, the 2023 survey revealed that the expected annual salary of university students has slightly decreased by 3% from THB 479,000 last year to THB 466,379 this year. Business students expect an average annual remuneration of THB 441,195, while engineering students expect THB 464,538. Additionally, the gender gap in expected annual salary stood at 10% this year, with expected salaries of men at THB 484,303 and women at THB 437,455.

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