Frank Schilling is selling his 23 New gTLDs


Frank Schilling is selling his 23 New gTLDs and getting out of domain names completely after selling Uniregistry and his domain name portfolio to GoDaddy last year.

UNR (the name of the registry) has setup a webpage announcing the auction at

The auction even is scheduled for April 28, 2021.

There will be 23 no-reserve auctions (but with a starting bid) for UNR’s new extensions.

This one-day event allows any qualified businesses or members of the public to acquire one or more of these 23 New gTLDs:

Extention Starting Bid
.audio $500,000
.blackfriday $350,000
.christmas $350,000
.click $1,000,000
.country To be announced
.diet $500,000
.flowers $500,000
.game $3,500,000
.guitars $250,000
.help $1,300,000
.hiphop $250,000
.hiv $0.00
.hosting $1,000,000
.juegos $0.00
.link $3,000,000
.llp $0.00
.lol $500,000
.mom $500,000
.photo $1,300,000
.pics $500,000
.property $850,000
.sexy $570,000
.tattoo $150,000

I know that the idea is to sell the extensions individually to get higher prices but there are some of the worst extensions ever created in this list. These probably won’t sell and Frank is going to get stuck with the worst of the worst. I expect that some of the extensions that will fail to sell will be abandoned in the next year.

It comes as no surprise that Frank is selling these extensions and getting out of domaining.

Blast from the past: Frank Schilling just killed the New gTLD domain name program (Warning!)

(Thanks to Jamie Zoch for the tip.)


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