NamesCon Online 2021: best sessions of day 3


NamesCon Online 2021 conference ends today with day 3.

NamesCon Online 2021 conference runs from January 27 to January 29 2021.

I went through the agenda and picked the best sessions of day 3. (Not as many as day 1 but more than day 2)

You can use your computer and mobile device (or both at once) to access NamesCon Online 2021.

For smartphone access, here are links to the NamesCon Online app in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. (This is the only version of the NamesCon app that will work for NamesCon Online 2021).

It all starts at 4pm UTC:

The Ecosystem: Uniting and Pushing the Domain Industry Forward

Ever wonder why handover of domain ownership couldn’t just be easier? Well, now it is. Buyers need discoverability and sellers need better selling tools, so catch this panel to learn from a panel of experts how value-added partnerships and the latest technology are knocking down the barriers to connection between buyers and sellers of unused domains.

State of the Industry: Domain Investors

Discover how the industry’s top investors and domain developers are handling today’s bizarre climate, and what they’re doing to ensure success going forward. If you’re a domain investor who likes being above water, don’t miss this panel!

You’re Doing it All Wrong: Lessons Learned from Managing a Large Corporate Domain Portfolio

There are no do-overs in life, and that goes double for overseeing a massive roster of domains for a major media and entertainment company. Managing a corporate portfolio is very different than managing your own company’s brand, and this candid discussion with a seasoned expert will reveal the portfolio management insights she learned the hard way.

Data Driven Domaining: Insights & Trends for Brandable Domains

What industries are trending? Which root words are popular? In this session, we will share a wealth of detailed insights and best practices that can help maximize the Sell-through rate of your brandable portfolio.

Development Series: Go All in With Full Development

In this final segment of the domain development series Drew will share business models that you can build out on your best domains.

ICA Workshop: UDRP Reform in 2021 – What to Expect

After 21 years, the UDRP is going to be reviewed for the first time by an ICANN Working Group. Join in the discussion to hear about the review process, what the issues are, and what may be changed.

What’s My Domain Worth?

A panel of experts combine their experience, intuition, and the latest diagnostic tools to answer that one burning question: “What’s my domain worth?” Learn the ins and outs of real-life domain valuation, with of-the-moment case studies from high-profile sales—and names from your own portfolio.

Joshua Schoen

Co-Owner, DNWE

Keith DeBoer

Host of the Brandable Insider Podcast, Brandable Insider

Kate Buckley

CEO, Buckley Media

Ammar Kubba

CEO, afterTHOUGHT, Inc.

Braden Pollock

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Legal Brand Marketing


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